This visual is a simplified version of Bloom’s Taxonomy.  It shows how students are able to learn better.   It also shows how different it was during my time when all we did was memorize what the book and the teacher said for fear of failing the tests!

So what does this mean?  The child must be able to RELATE to the lesson.  The child must EXPERIENCE it.  The child must DO it.  In other words, nothing beats the REAL THING!

Keeping your house organized is no easy task.  (I may be speaking just for myself.) What more if you are a homeschooling family, with all your books (Believe me, there can never be enough books for a homeschooler!), materials, supplies, activities, experiments, projects, portfolios displayed and kept in every possible space available.  Sometime late last year or early this year, I found these rules in one of my email subscriptions, printed them out and stuck them on the door for every member to read and see. These are now Our Rules In Our House.  They’ve kept me sane since and have felt I have gained the cooperation and consideration of Mike, Arielle and Kayla.  Now I’m thinking, are my family members more of visual learners than auditory learners? =)

Creating this blog made me look back at the time when we jumped into the unpopular world of homeschooling.  Arielle was 8, in Grade 3, and Kayla was 6, in Grade 1, then.

They are now 12 and 9 years old…Grade 6 and Grade 4.

They are like cats and dogs, fighting over the smallest and unimaginable things. But they can be gooey and sticky like peanut butter!


In homeschooling, our kids learn skills they need in life and in the workplace.  They’re more open to learning new things!

Culinary skill: cooking pork torta Now, Kayla dreams of becoming a chef someday!


Making Hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict


Entrepreneurship: selling candies


Mindmapping: To take down notes and remember better; This is Arielle’s mindmap on ants.


Kayla’s mindmap of her lesson on God’s knowledge





Homeschooling gave Arielle a chance to make her dream come true. After watching Peter Pan at CCP last 2007, she told herself, “I can see myself on stage doing the main character.”  And true enough, she played Jack in her first summer workshop with Rep, Jack and the Beanstalk.  

In 2008, she auditioned for the role of Grace Smythe in A Christmas Carol and got the role.  It was her first professional play!  It was THE REAL THING…working with professionals and it was an experience that taught her a lot about time management, responsibilities, diligence, patience, humility, self-control, forgiveness, gratitude, and a lot more!