We didn’t feel like homeschooling today.  I felt we three girls needed a break from our daily routine and so we took a day off from our books and worksheets (except Arielle wanted to do a worksheet in Science).  We spent the day cooking and baking!  Kayla has been very interested in culinary lately perhaps because of the Culinary class in their Hybrid Homeschool Program and the new tv show Junior Master Chef. In fact, she now dreams to become a chef someday!

So what did Arielle, Kayla, and I cook and bake?  For lunch, we cooked beef salpicao and Kayla wanted to learn how to make mashed potatoes.  With instructions orally given to her by her Papa during breakfast, she was able to do the mashed potatoes on her own.  The beef we bought yesterday from the grocery didn’t turn out very tender but our helper said she can pressure cook it so we can still have it for dinner. Something quite didn’t turn out right with the Devil’s Food Cake but it can still be eaten and the decorating that I did with it was  appreciated!


Kayla’s been wanting to make meringue and it was a success even if I couldn’t set the temperature of our oven to what was on the recipe.  The green beans with beef we had for dinner was flavorful too.


Even if we did not stick our noses to our books or laptops, today was rich in hands-on learning! What SKILLS exactly did the girls learn today?

1. How to pick out the ingredients we would need in the grocery (Kayla and I went on a quick trip to the grocery yesterday)

2.  To put away grocery items upon arriving home

3. To pay attention to another person when he is speaking  or giving instructions

4.  Knife skills:  slicing meat, vegetables, mincing garlic

5.  What ‘boil’ means

6. How to properly measure the ingredients using measuring spoons and cups (for dry ingredients and for liquid ingredients)

7.  How to use the calculator to convert fraction to a decimal and to multiply with fractions (I had to tell Arielle to find out what 3/4 of 225 grams is.  That was for the butter 🙂 )

8.  To use and read the numbers on a weighing scale

9.  To read food labels

10.  To carefully read recipes and follow procedures

11. How to use other kitchen utensils such as a potato masher, peeler, angled spatulas, rubber spatulas, piping bags and cake decorating tips

12.  To familiarize oneself with and operate kitchen appliances such as a Kitchenaide mixer and induction stove

13.  How to crack eggs, and separate the whites from the yolks

14.  New baking terms such as “soft ball stage” and “hard ball stage”

15.  The difference between “soft peaks” and “stiff peaks”

16.  To wait for the precise time to add the next ingredient or do the next procedure or when it’s time to turn off a running kitchen appliance

17.  To take turns and cooperate with others to be able to finish a task

18.  To appreciate one’s efforts and give praise to another for a “Good job!”

19.  To share what we cooked and baked to our helpers

20.  To clean up and share in the house chores

21. To simply try and learn how to make things better next time!


So when we do have those days when I don’t feel like teaching and the girls also don’t feel like studying, simple daily activities in the house come in as the “substitute teacher” and usually turn out more fun, more memorable, more engaging and more personal to Arielle and Kayla.

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