Kayla wants to be a chef!  The kitchen seems to be her turf.  Her interest in culinary is becoming stronger and stronger that I find her researching for recipes on the internet, reading them, printing them out, filing them in a clear book I gave her, experimenting in the kitchen, preparing dishes and plating them!  She loves the tv show “Junior Master Chef” every  Sunday, and most of her writing exercises is about cooking, baking or her dream of becoming a chef.

For lunch today, she did strawberries on toothpicks with chocolate sauce, on her own.


Afterwards, we both worked together in doing a 6-inch Oreo cheesecake.  She did the measuring and mixing of ingredients while I did the springform pan preparation, placed it inside the oven and waited until it was done.  (She still has to overcome her fear of placing pans inside a gas-fired oven.)


Ate Arielle wanted to try putting the whipped cream on top.


My turn!


Our Oreo cheesecake!

For quite some time, we didn’t know exactly what Kayla likes to do or pursue. What we know is that she’s a kinesthetic learner. So seeing now that she really likes to cook and bake, it’s a wonderful feeling (and a relief!) to clearly identify her interests and what makes her tick.  It definitely is an A-ha moment!   I also noticed that when I do give Kayla a chance to work with her hands and do anything related to cooking or baking, she’s more wired to do her other academic subjects, making it easier for me to teach and for her to learn.  That could only mean happy and smooth-sailing homeschooling days 🙂

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