Let me call it “unschooling” because there were no books on the table, no academic rules to follow to foster these learning moments:

Just this week, Kayla amazed us with her creative idea!  She taped her cellphone on top of her remote controlled car and put it on video mode.  So, while the car makes it way around the house, the video is running and records the car’s movements, its bumps, stops and turns.  It’s just like those cameras on a biker’s helmet.  It was fun watching the video and see how it scared our dogs, Teri and Hershey, like crazy! 

Now, she’s waiting for her pretzel dough to rise.  She was inspired by another culinary show on tv last night and was itching to bake pretzels! So, she did it this morning.  We were supposed to do Art this morning but she just couldn’t wait.  (When she wants to do something, she really has to do it and will do it.  It can be both a positive and negative trait that I’m still trying to accept and understand.)  On her own (again), she brought out all the ingredients and started to follow a recipe on Youtube.  I had to remind her though of some kitchen basics, like preparation of ingredients, mise en place (a French term which means arranging all the ingredients necessary for a dish before you start cooking to make the cooking process more efficient and to avoid mistakes), cleaning up as you go, and taught her how to divide a recipe into two with fractions (I knew there had to be some Math to teach in there!).  Plus, reading recipes (This is where English comes in) practices her to follow directions, which I think is an important and a basic skill to learn.  This is one of her weak areas and culinary may be able to help her be more attentive to instructions and details. 

Our verdict: Kayla’s pretzels were edible 🙂 and tasted good!  (I’m not being biased here).  She chose to do cinnamon sugar coating.  She still has to practice though how to twist the dough into those pretzel shapes instead of looking more of like mini croissants 🙂  We have to go to Auntie Anne’s one time and watch how they do it.  But overall, I see Kayla really driven now when it comes to cooking and baking.




Kayla’s pretzel! This is PERFECT!



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