I know Arielle is such a bookaholic and how much she loooves the feel and smell of books.  Last week, I jokingly told her after she bought another book with her savings at National Bookstore, “Don’t you ever get tired of books???”, hinting that she buys books too often even if she’s not yet done with the current book that she’s reading.   Well, she teased me with the same remark when I bought two books on entrepreneurship and business planning and excitedly told  her and Kayla that they should also read the books after I’ve read them.  I could only show her a half-smile and found myself pretty embarrassed to say anything 🙂

One of the skills that Mike and I would like Arielle and Kayla to learn as early as now is entrepreneural skills. Of course, we would like them to pursue their interests and support them in their discoveries and explorations, be it in arts, fashion, culinary, but our only constant reminder to them is to learn how to do the business side of their chosen fields.  They must learn how to market themselves, be self-reliant, and do business.

So these are the two books I couldn’t resist buying.  One is locally published, which I bought at National Bookstore-Megamall for P198.00 and the other is imported, bought at Fully Booked for quite a price of P898.00, but looks worth it.

I am currently reading Joey Concepcion’s NEGOSYO, 8 Simple Secrets to Raising Entrepreneurs, Teaching Kids about Money, Business and Life.  It is written by Mary Joy Canon-Abaquin of Multiple Intelligence School, and published by Vibal Publishing House, Inc.  It is the only local book I’ve found, so far, on entrepreneurship FOR KIDS, which I highly recommend.  Page layout is pleasing to the eyes.  Pages come in colors.  Fonts are fun (not textbook-type) and easy to read.    More importantly, it starts off with the different intelligences (linguistic, spatial, naturalist, musical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal) then moves on to how parents can encourage entrepreneurship to their kids given the kind of intelligence(s) that they have.  The book is also filled with tips, inspirational and motivational quotes, activities, real-life examples and lessons, and entrepreneur role models.  What makes it even more commendable is it discusses also the topic of good work ethics and challenges the parents to have a personal integrity check so they can be positive examples to their children!

As for the second book, it’s the Right-Brain Business Plan, A Creative, Visual Map for Success by Jennifer Lee.  I got this book with Arielle in mind, because she’s creative and a visual learner, and thought this might help her concretize her business ideas, without doing the conventional (boring!) business plan format.  (I could also benefit from this book, being a visual learner myself.)   I scanned the pages of the book and it’s like doing mindmapping and lapbooking together.  Even scrapbooking!  Definitely creative!  Definitely for the right-brain dominant!


I hope these two books would help you and your kids become, not only successful, but creative and innovative Pinoy entrepreneurs! May these empower us to use the money, intelligences, and resources God has given us wisely and prudently, and to teach us to not just go for profits when thinking of putting up a business, but to be socially responsible entrepreneurs who can make a difference in other people’s lives.

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