A friend of mine, who’ll be coming over this April, asked me to look for an English children’s book for her daughter on the legend of Chocolate Hills, as a preview of our trip to Bohol. Sadly, I couldn’t find any and even this book which had a compilation of different Philippine legends didn’t have any story on this famous place in the Visayas.  So I asked Arielle and Kayla if they could research on the legend, make their own books, and give them as gifts to my friend’s daughter. 

Arielle used a tablet and Photoshop to make her version, printed it out, and fastened the pages together.



Kayla did a cut-and-paste method, and drew some parts of the story.

With these, I hope we, Filipinos and foreigners, adults and kids alike, would appreciate more the beauty of the place and the ‘magical’ story behind it.


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    Galing Mommy Quelz! 🙂 Praise GOD! I hope someday Tim and Rysse will create their own books too. I used to do this when I was a kid! Hahahaha.

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    Thank you, Tina 🙂 You can start by giving them blank sheets of paper stapled like a book and let them draw their story, characters or elements in the story first. Then, ask them to tell you their story page by page. Who knows, you might be surprised with what you’ll be hearing from them! 🙂

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    I had to research about Chocolate Hills for my social studies project.

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      Hi! Thanks and glad to be of help May I know what grade level you’re in?

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    thank you for helping me to my assignment thank you verry much

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    i love you all

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