Here are a few more activities we plan to do, as a family  or individually, in preparation for the coming Holy Week:
1.  Watch the movie “The Passion of the Christ”, a Mel Gibson film.


2.  Watch the vcd about the life of Saint Padre Pio.  For a background of who he is, read this:

3.  Lastly, here’s a link worth looking into which has activities for the Lenten Season, such as daily online prayer, living the 40 days of Lent, and even a pdf-format and online presentation of the Stations of the Cross for kids.




It’s Lenten Season and I have been thinking of what we can do this year as a family to encourage spiritual growth and remind us of Christ’s suffering and great love for us.

Here is what we plan to do starting today as we approach Holy Week:

MONDAYSModel;  Be a good example to others.
TUESDAYSChoose-day;  Choose a sacrifice or good deed to do for another member of the family.  Each member should be able to do a complete round of family members by the end of the season.
WEDNESDAYSWork for God in every little thing that you do no matter how small or simple the task is.
THURSDAYSThankful;  Reflect on blessings received and share thoughts with family members.
FRIDAYSFasting from meat and cravings; Forgive.
SATURDAYS – Silence;  No computer, no game and music gadgets, no tv
SUNDAYS – Say a special prayer or intention not for oneself.
May we all have a very personal and meaningful season of Lent.