It’s almost June and as I’ve written in my last blog, we will soon start another homeschooling schoolyear.  This is going to be our 5th!  It makes me wonder (and at the same time, quite anxious) if we’ll be able to make things better or will the way we do things at home remain the same.  And believe me, each year is always (well, almost always) like the first time, having mixed feelings of excitement, nervousness, and lack of confidence.  Well, that’s how I feel. 

To slowly ease our way through our first days of school this year, Mike and I already started to talk with our girls to give them some sort of “orientation” before we officially start again our homeschooling, just to remind everyone of the house rules and daily routine.  To me, following the house rules and remembering routines can make a big difference on how our day will turn out and what mood everybody will have.  

I’m also reminded that homeschooling is two-way.  I teach our girls. They teach me as well.  Humbling, isn’t it? (How many times have I failed to realize this!) As a parent-teacher, there are a lot of things to learn AND unlearn!  And our kids can be a deep well of ideas, information, questions, ways and thinking we, adults, have never thought of.    

So as I was thinking about the onset of another homeschooling lifestyle and journey, I only have these two questions for myself:

Why did we choose and decide to homeschool?

What is it really that we want our girls to learn and be?

(Take note … BE.  And not just know)

It’s always good to trace back the steps that led us to the decision to homeschool and see if we are still on track or off the course.  What’s comforting is with the mistakes and shortcomings I’ve committed along the way, God has always been faithful.  He provides me the answers to my many doubts and questions.  He also has been giving me support and encouraging words from unexpected persons and sources.   And…what’s touching and heart-tugging is I see and feel my family s-l-o-w-l-y growing stronger in relationship with one another no matter how different our personalities and interests are, no matter how imperfect a mom and parent-teacher I am, and no matter what storms we go through.  My family stays together and we’re sticking it out! 🙂  Where one goes, everybody goes.


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