Tomorrow, it’s Day 1 of Schoolyear 2011-2012.  I find myself taking deep breaths often still trying to accept the fact that I AM going to homeschool a 1st year high school tween! (There goes another deep breath!)

So this is one of those moments God speaks to me when I am full of doubt, fear, and uncertainty. What a reassurance at His perfect timing!

One of the benefits we enjoy in homeschooling is the flexibility of time.  With this, we are able to identify, focus, and spend more time on areas which we feel would be important not just 8 or 10 years from now when our children are about to enter college or are already full-fledged adults, but considered necessary as early as today.  In homeschooling, we get to teach our girls LIFE SKILLS that will help them become responsible, independent, productive, and discerning individuals, even if they are “just kids”.  These are skills that if taught in schools as a major subject, they may be considered useless or just a waste of time.  One of these life skills is being able to cook and work in the kitchen, with safety practices and minimal adult supervision.  After all, don’t we all need food to survive?  We also can’t always rely on our helper (a rare find these days!) and I don’t think you would like to hear your kids shouting “Yaya!” every time they’re hungry, right?   Pulling out a can of Spam or corned beef from the pantry, driving through fast food restos, eating out and ordering to-go’s don’t sound too good and healthy either (even in the pocket … I’m pretty sure you know that!)

So, let’s make the kitchen a learning space for our children.  Teach them the BASIC LIFE SKILL of cooking.  Not only will they learn the various practical culinary skills.  You’ll be surprised to see math, science, character, health, economics, and entrepreneurship popping out somewhere.  (See?  So many to teach and learn in the seemingly mundane task of cooking!)  We, parents, can also eventually teach them to make the right and healthy food choices as they become more familiar about ingredients, cooking methods, reading food labels, and more! (Or are the adults the ones who will learn to make a switch to a healthier lifestyle instead?  Hmmm, something to think about … )

Here’s what Arielle and Kayla have been busy with in the kitchen these past two days.  They chose two recipes each from what they learned from their week-long culinary class and did them at home. They did most of the work involved and where was I?  Waiting to eat what they prepared which turned out really good!!!







Arielle’s S’MORES