The Sound of Music Manila had its first callback yesterday, July 2.  Arielle wasn’t one of them.  Her friend, who was told that she was being considered for the role of Louisa Von Trapp, wasn’t either, but her two brothers were.  I heard from a mommy friend, whose daughter also auditioned, that there wouldn’t be anymore callbacks since most of the people who auditioned are not fair-skinned, but morenos and morenas.  The first batch of callbacks for the Von Trapp children roles were mostly mestizos and mestizas.  A part of me is crushed and another part of me is still hoping AND praying that there will still be callbacks, as what they had announced in their Facebook page:  callbacks in batches.  

As I look back, I am still thankful for this EXPERIENCE of WAITING.  It taught our whole family valuable lessons on:

1.  patience
2.  prayer; support and encouragement from family members and friends
3.  trust, faith, and surrender in God
4.  being a family; supporting one another and being there for each other
5.  having a positive outlook and sense of humor (This is where Kayla comes in!)

I saw how each of us were all rooting for Arielle; how each of us would have his and her own nervous and anxious expressions and moments; how each would try to avoid or change the topic just to make things lighter; and how Arielle REMAINS HOPEFUL.

Oh well, life goes on … no matter what happens.

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