Last Thursday and Saturday, we finally (!) found the time to try out trail biking as a family.  We had some scheduled activities and appointments in Manila for the week, and so we decided to mount all our bikes at the back of our car and try the hobby that Mike’s been into lately.




To my surprise, Arielle and Kayla both enjoyed biking on trail and were very eager to do it.   They actually would like to do it again.  Me?  I was happy pedalling on the smooth pavement, feeling the cool morning breeze against my face 🙂

The activity was something different from the usual and what I treasured most about it is we bonded as a family.  It gave us time to “play” and get dirty.  The girls were able to see the funny side of me, screaming “Aaaaaah!” …  “Eeeee!”, and exclaiming “I don’t like na!”  as I try to maneuver my way through the trail, which they all did with ease!

I don’t know if I would give trail biking another try but a lesson I’ve learned is biking is like life.  We have to learn how to balance our activities and know how to shift our gears when things go downhill or the ride feels like an uphill climb.  If we don’t learn how to do these, then, we are sure to fall and feel exhausted and get stressed.  We will not arrive at our destination in tip-top shape.

I have to admit I’ve been pushing the girls in their schoolwork these past couple of weeks, worried that we won’t be able to finish our quarter as (I had) scheduled.  I now have a simple reminder for myself whenever I feel loaded with so many tasks to do and I want to tick things off my list:

B I K E = Balance Is Keeping Everything in Equilibrium