Steve Jobs just passed away.  This was the news that sadly greeted me today, Oct. 6, 2011, as I was reading my news feed on Facebook.  By now, people all over the world know about it and are most likely expressing their sorrow and sympathies privately or sharing them with friends and colleagues. 

I didn’t know if I was going to repost a picture or two of Steve Jobs or the Apple homepage, as I would normally do with news worth sharing.  

I decided to email the company instead to express my sympathies and share my personal thoughts about their great leader and visionary.  Here’s what I wrote:


Thank you, Steve Jobs, for revolutionizing learning, education, communication, and entertainment for our homeschooling family. You have greatly helped us make the world our classroom.  More possibilities, less boundaries. 

You have lived a life that is to be well-remembered by many. Rest in peace. 


GUEVARA family



More than the products, Steve Jobs has been and will be a person of inspiration and model to our homeschooling family.  He is one creative genius, open to unthinkable possibilities, not afraid to take risks and dare try new things; not afraid to make mistakes and fall; rising up, doing and becoming better after each fall.  He clearly had a vision and had that vision embodied in the innovative products many of us enjoy and benefit from today.  He truly was one trailblazer.  That’s how I want my girls to remember Steve Jobs.  



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