I am homeschooling a high schooler now, and I didn’t think we’d continue to do it.  So far, everything’s working out fine.  Soon, Kayla, our youngest, will also be in high school.  This is a helpful reminder that homeschooling in high school is possible and could even be a way better option during those critical years in our children’s lives.

Eight Common Myths About Homeschooling In High School

As a follow-up on my last post, here’s another material worth reading.  It’s a long one (I myself had just skimmed the article to get the gist.) but I’ve already seen a number of points to highlight and take note of!  This reminds me of great people like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Robert Kiyosaki and many more who chose a different path in their education and made a difference in the world!

The Teenager’s Guide to Opting Out (Not Dropping Out) of Outdated and Traditional School



I’d like to share this link from a post in Facebook (credits to Joel Yuvienco). Now that we’ve taken the less road travelled of homeschooling, it just makes sense to me that the paths we take on this journey also veer away from what is traditional and society’s norm.  I do believe in out-of-the-box strategies and that there’s not just one, single way to teach and make our children learn.  That makes me a follower, a fan of 21st century education!  Boy, I still have a long way to go to be able to catch up and really live out this new paradigm!

Diplomas Don’t Prepare Students for the World. 
 ePortfolios Do!


It’s been more than a month since my last post!  Days are really getting busier as Christmas comes near.  Today is the feast of the Solemnity of Christ The King and next week will be Advent already.  It’s time once again to welcome our baby Jesus in our homes and more importantly, in our hearts.

This morning, our family celebrated mass for the second time at the chapel of Tuloy Sa Don Bosco Foundation in San Jose Village in Alabang.  Again, Fr. Rocky gave such an engaging homily on today’s Gospel taken from Matthew 25: 31-46.  It was another engaging one that we ended up quietly discussing it as a family during the mass and even while having lunch.  It’s the reading we are all familiar about.  When did we see Jesus hungry, thirsty, and without any clothes to wear?  From that verse, Fr. Rocky not only reminded us to love our neighbors in need, but gave two more lessons I have never learned from homilies given on these Bible verses:

1.  When we do not waste food on our plate and take care of our clothes, shoes and other things, we also end up sharing with our neighbors and loving them.  If we really think about it, when we are not wasteful with our resources and material possessions, we are giving others the chance to have their share as well.  We are not keeping to ourselves more than what we need. (Can you just imagine how our world would be if countries would also learn this simple lesson on a bigger scale?)

2.  In connection with the character trait we are learning this quarter, which is Humility (I just love it when I get validations on our lessons from real-world instances!), Fr. Rocky reminded us how Christ really is.  He is great.  He is loving.  He is SELFLESS.  Christ, our King, is selfless because He served others first and thought about Himself last.  He is our perfect model of a king who served, who loved, who sacrificed His whole being, who is HUMBLE.  

May this coming Christmas season remind us to think MORE about our neighbors everyday and not only what we want or would want to receive this Christmas.  I pray that we would not allow ourselves to get caught in the rush and commercialism of the season.  As always, I pray for a truly MEANINGFUL Christmas for everyone.