We’re on our second month of the schoolyear, and so far, things are going well.  Though the load is heavier for Arielle (She’s now 2nd year high school), I feel that our homeschooling is more focused and more intentional than before.  Two more years and she’ll be off to college and so, we really need to teach her the essentials to prepare her for the “more serious” things in life.

This year, I made it clear to them, that I’ll be more particular on our schedule.  Why?  

It’s because the real world works on routine and schedule.  The work place has a structure and they need to be able to adapt to that.  They cannot wake up when they want to or go to work when they feel like it. So, we’re back to waking up early, at 6 / 6:30 am … minus the uniforms. 

Summer is the time I plan for the next schoolyear. This is the time I make our schedules, go through our books, do lesson plans, and identify goals for the coming year. (We follow the June to March school calendar, by the way, for two reasons: (1) to give our girls the opportunities to join the various classes usually offered only during April and May and/or (2) to go on a beach trip during these months, which we immensely enjoy as a family.)  

How does our typical day look like?  Here’s the schedule I made for this year.  This is a guide to help us cover all the subjects we need and want to do, without missing out on one or two, as much as possible.  We do deviate from this, especially when we feel like spending more time on a particular subject, or when we are not at home, in our normal “learning from the books” setting.  I also included here the books and other resources we use per subject.

6:00/6:30 – 7:45 am:
MONDAYS TO FRIDAYS – Bed, Bath, Breakfast

8:00 – 8:30 am: 

8:30 – 9:30 am:
MONDAYS – Character 
(Parenting with Scriptures; The Power for True Success; Achieving True Success; Character-Building Activities for Kids) 


(The Mystery of History; We are currently on Vol. 3)

THURSDAYS – Philippine Civics and History 
(One Country, One People;  Kasaysayan series;  and the daily newspaper or tv news)

FRIDAYS – Music 
(We go to Alabang for piano, voice, guitar classes from 9:00 to 11:00 am)

9:30 – 10:30 am:


(Teaching Textbooks)

10:30 – 10:45 am:

10:45 – 11:50 am: 

MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS – Science and Filipino

(Apologia Science / Filipino (Pluma and Hiyas plus Florante at Laura) )
*While Arielle, our eldest, works independently on her Filipino,
I do Science with Kayla.

TUESDAYS – Science and Christian Living

(Vibal Publishing’s We Celebrate God’s Love)
*same set-up as I previously cited

THURSDAYS – Science and Filipino or Civics

* same set-up as I previously cited

12:00 – 12:45 pm:


12:45 – 1:45 pm: 


(Strategies to Achieving Reading Success by F & J de Jesus and

for high school, Bridges to Understanding)

TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS – Grammar and/or Creative Writing
(Easy Grammar , The Write Source)

FRIDAYS – Reading

1:45 – 2:00 pm:


2:00 – 3:30 pm: 

MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS – Filipino and Science

* Then, it’s the other way around.  Kayla works on her Filipino, and I help out Arielle with her Science, if needed.  She usually works pretty much on her own already.

TUESDAYS – Science and Christian Living

* same set-up as I previously cited

THURSDAYS – Science and Filipino or Civics

* same set-up as I previously cited

FRIDAYS – Civics or Christian Living, 

and High School Elective: Statistics & Probability

4:30 – 6:00 pm: 


WEEKENDS – We do Home Economics, Technonology, and Art

The Master’s Academy (TMA), our homeschool provider, requires that we submit a portfolio every quarter, with the Bloom’s Taxonomy as our guide.  (Please refer to my previous posts on Bloom’s Taxonomy or BT).  BT guides us in teaching our girls the lessons we tackle and most especially, in their thinking, where we don’t end up only memorizing facts but proceeding to a higher level of applying them, analyzing, evaluating and finally creating something from what was learned from the lesson.  This, we do, as we go through our lessons, to be able to have a good grasp of the subject.  Doing BT in a as-we-go-along manner also helps us avoid cramming in our portfolio-making.

With BT as a guide, we also try to integrate in the way we  homeschool with TMA, the other personal goals we want to achieve such as to learn more technology skills and life skills.  Last year, for instance, instead of submitting a portfolio binder, which is a compilation of what our girls learned and accomplished, they used Google Docs.  We did an e-portfolio, eliminating a considerable amount of paper to compile and submit each quarter.  At the same time, it made it very convenient for us to submit it online, without having to travel to Manila, to submit portfolio binders to our academic consultants in TMA, and going back another time for their portfolio review.  Google Docs taught our girls how to collaborate, work as a team, upload files, format and finalize their own presentations.

This year, our project is to make a blog portfolio!  Another technology skill to learn!  I hope to be able to share it and our other activities in my next posts 🙂  (I also have other things in my project list for this year, which I feel will make our homeschooling more complete, and I am praying that God will provide us the means and right resources.  Hope He grants my requests!)  

This is an early morning post that I want to share, especially with the new homeschoolers, homeschooling moms, moms and dads.  For those of you wondering how to go about your day, here’s a collection of schedules shared by some homeschool writers on how their typical day or week looks like. 

How Do the Homeschool Classroom Writers Schedule Their Days?

Each homeschooling family is unique and works differently but then again, it helps a lot to know what other homeschoolers do to organize their activities and life in general.  Take a peek into the different schedules posted above and customize your own, depending on your need, lifestyle, and preference.  

Happy homeschooling!

P.S.  I was thinking of sharing my own weekly schedule here but then, I felt that the new homeschoolers with younger kids  would benefit more from what’s written in the link above.  Our own schedule for our tween and teen can get too ‘crazy’. 🙂

Now that we have a high schooler in our Homeschool Academy,  my husband and I are even more intentional in our teaching and parenting responsibility.    The world today works differently and changes so rapidly that I personally have a difficulty keeping up!  I’m not saying that we must always have the latest gadgets or we must have a total lifestyle makeover, but WHETHER WE LIKE IT OR NOT, we do have to ADAPT to these various changes in order to survive.  The workforce, whether one chooses to be employed, be self-employed or an entrepreneur, is one competitive arena and we believe that to survive in it, our kids must be equipped with SKILLS, more than knowledge.

This was extracted from: Future Work Skills 2020

Just this afternoon, after the girls finished their schedule for the day and left the house for their swimming class, I whispered a prayer to God telling Him I was scared to homeschool this schoolyear; that I don’t feel confident doing it again this time around.  I particularly told him that I feel the load of high school is heavier and that I was overwhelmed with Biology!  I also wasn’t feeling motivated enough to continue this journey unlike the past years.

Well, I think God sensed my S.O.S. call and delivered His answer to my inbox right away.  

Here’s a blog post by Terri on how to survive those bad homeschooling days and quitting moments.

Start Fresh…Stay Strong…Finish Well

Thank you, Lord, for your encouragement and coming to my rescue at the perfect time (again!).  Thank you for the checklist, too 🙂