As promised, here’s the link to Arielle’s blog portfolio.  She just finished all her blog posts for the 1st Quarter.  Whew! She’s 13 years old and in 2nd year high school, by the way. 

If you have noticed, she has another personal blog called “Spaceship to Infinity”, whose link can be found right below her profile pic.  She really is naturally into writing, visual arts, and music.  Kayla, on the other hand, is kinesthetic, more into logic, culinary, and nature 🙂  Ahhhh…celebrating their God-given uniqueness and opposite personalities 🙂

We are almost finished with our 1st Quarter for this schoolyear and this year, Arielle and Kayla are doing blogs as their portfolios.  Something different.  Something new, especially for Kayla.  She’s 11 and at Sixth Grade.  

Here’s the link to her blogsite. (Layout is very simple, made by her Ate Arielle for her.  Our primary objective really is more of content than appearance.  Later on, we hope to be able to work on the theme or layout, which would be another area to learn!)  

Adventures with Kayla

* Arielle’s still working on hers and I will share the link as soon as she’s done! 

Our morning routine always begins with devotional reading and today, Arielle wrote a touching reflection on her Camp Rock audition.  Everything she wrote is so true…about herself being so full of energy all the time.  That is truly a distinct mark of her, that makes her unique and different.  Sometimes, it does make me wonder where she gets all her energy and how she can be so happy and positive even when things go wrong.

I must admit, that’s one thing God has taught me to learn from her and to appreciate in her.

Here’s her reflection for today’s reading:

August 15, 2012:


Psalm 51:12 – Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous spirit.


My reflection:  As the website says, “Real lasting joy comes from the Lord Jesus.”  Sometimes, I find it weird that most of my friends are moping around and thinking that their lives aren’t going to get any better even though we teenagers are still starting our journey into the real world.  I choose to be positive and see the beauty in EVERYTHING the Lord has given me.  I choose to enjoy every step of this journey because I know God has a bigger plan for me in the future.  Like my Camp Rock audition, for example.  I may not have made it to the shorlist but I’m still glad that God gave me the opportunity to impress Tito Audie & Tita Menchu. I’m sure that there will be other productions in the future and that God is just paving the way for me.  I guess this is why I’m happy and full of energy all the time.  I like my life even though things may go wrong, because God surrounds me with so much, I learn to appreciate them everyday. 

I am just happy that things happened the way they did 🙂

July 30, 2012:

From the two hundred sixty (260), 13 to 25 year olds who auditioned last July 28, 2012 for Repertory Philippines’ big musical this year “Camp Rock”, they were trimmed to 100 for yesterday’s (July 29) callback.  Then, they were down to, I think, 40.  The girls were further narrowed down to about 15 for the final casting.  As of this writing, I have no idea yet how many boys/males made it to the final casting.  Our eldest, Arielle, was blessed to be among the 15 or so girls!  We were not expecting her to come this far.

There were a LOT who auditioned.  How could she have competed against the taller ones? The older, more mature, and mestiza-looking ones?  She herself said when she was at the callback that those chosen were really GOOD!!!  Arielle and I were storming the heavens with prayers (Uh, literally and figuratively;  It was raining hard during that weekend which Arielle took as a very very good sign 🙂 ).  The final candidates will still have to go through one final audition and could still be eliminated.  We were probably the only ones in the entire world who missed watching the opening of the  Olympics because this was how our weekend went! LOL!

Our Little Mermaid, Theatre Gal, Homeschooled Mermaid went through her own hurdles and passed with flying colors!  We are so, so, so proud of you, Arielle!  You are one patient, decisive, and obedient girl!  I can’t believe how you dream and do everything to make your dreams come true!  Keep the faith, my child!  Whether you make it to the final casting or not, we are already very, very proud of how you prepared and went through the audition and callback with confidence, fear, faith, and humility!  You showed how to face your giants!  You simply amaze us! 

After doing “A Christmas Carol” with Rep 4 years ago, may this be your comeback to stage performance where you feel most comfortable sharing with others the gifts God has given you! 


I was so touched by this post in Facebook by her teacher from
Muzette Music Center, Teacher Amy Camua ❤❤❤
She has been very very supportive of Arielle!

July 31, 2012:

Arielle received an email from Rep last night.  She did not make it to the final 25. There wasn’t any more final audition. She was devastated with the news 🙁  She really, really, really wanted this.  Tears immediately flowed as she broke the news to me and I embraced her tightly and assured her that we are already happy and very, very proud of her!!!  The way she handled herself from the beginning of the audition until the end of the callback wasn’t something an ordinary 13-year old girl can do.  This may have been another rejection for her but THAT’S THE WAY LIFE IS.  We can’t have everything.  We only have to trust God and believe that He has everything planned out for us and that in His perfect timing, His even greater blessings and opportunities will be given. Also, what’s important is she was able to show Repertory Philippines her talent and that Rep was able to see and take note of that.  Just like what was written to her in the email, not being able to make it to the final 25 is not a reflection of what her talent is, and being able to make it to the callback already says a lot about her. 

August 1, 2012:

Arielle couldn’t sleep last night and still feels bad about it.  I was actually sick yesterday when the sad news came to us.  This morning, when I groggily got up, I caught Mike and Arielle at the breakfast table and he was giving her his advice and words of encouragement.  We apparently had told Arielle the same thing, which is, to reply to Rep’s email expressing her sadness on the decision and at the same time, thanking them for the wonderful opportunity to audition, and asking for pointers on how to improve herself next time another audition opportunity comes her way.  Just like the Olympics, we train hard, we move towards our goal, and do our best every time!  


Aaahhh. The challenges of parenting and beauty of homeschooling.  This is what life is all about.  This, I believe, is why we were called to homeschool.  To be there for our children when they MOST need us.  To be with them in FAITH.  To be proud of their milestones and steps towards their dreams.  To accept them and love them, no matter what ❤❤❤