Our morning routine always begins with devotional reading and today, Arielle wrote a touching reflection on her Camp Rock audition.  Everything she wrote is so true…about herself being so full of energy all the time.  That is truly a distinct mark of her, that makes her unique and different.  Sometimes, it does make me wonder where she gets all her energy and how she can be so happy and positive even when things go wrong.

I must admit, that’s one thing God has taught me to learn from her and to appreciate in her.

Here’s her reflection for today’s reading:

August 15, 2012:


Psalm 51:12 – Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, and uphold me by Your generous spirit.


My reflection:  As the website says, “Real lasting joy comes from the Lord Jesus.”  Sometimes, I find it weird that most of my friends are moping around and thinking that their lives aren’t going to get any better even though we teenagers are still starting our journey into the real world.  I choose to be positive and see the beauty in EVERYTHING the Lord has given me.  I choose to enjoy every step of this journey because I know God has a bigger plan for me in the future.  Like my Camp Rock audition, for example.  I may not have made it to the shorlist but I’m still glad that God gave me the opportunity to impress Tito Audie & Tita Menchu. I’m sure that there will be other productions in the future and that God is just paving the way for me.  I guess this is why I’m happy and full of energy all the time.  I like my life even though things may go wrong, because God surrounds me with so much, I learn to appreciate them everyday. 

I am just happy that things happened the way they did 🙂

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