We are almost finished with our 1st Quarter for this schoolyear and this year, Arielle and Kayla are doing blogs as their portfolios.  Something different.  Something new, especially for Kayla.  She’s 11 and at Sixth Grade.  

Here’s the link to her blogsite. (Layout is very simple, made by her Ate Arielle for her.  Our primary objective really is more of content than appearance.  Later on, we hope to be able to work on the theme or layout, which would be another area to learn!)  

Adventures with Kayla

* Arielle’s still working on hers and I will share the link as soon as she’s done! 


  1. Posted August 20, 2012 at 5:11 AM | Permalink

    Your daughter writes well! I showed this to my son who’s also 11 yrs old and completing 6th grade this month. Hopefully, it will inspire him to improve his writing …

    Also, thanks for letting us peek into her homeschooling days and her outputs! Really love getting to see other TMA students’ outputs (have no opportunity to do so here so I always think whether what we’re doing is enough or what)

    Have been checking out your blog from time to time to see what you’re all up to. We have been winding down our schoolyear so we can enroll by next month. God bless!

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    Hi, Athena. Thanks for complimenting on Kayla’s writing skills. It’s actually an area she really needs to work on and so, doing a blog hopefully will teach her more the rudiments of writing. Her Ate is the one naturally more into it. I also plan to share her blog as soon as she’s done.

    I think it’s normal for us parent-teachers to think that what we’re doing is not enough 🙂 I myself haven’t gotten over that feeling yet. 🙂

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    And here I was thinking that she inherited your writing gene …

    I should have edited my comment. What I really meant was “what they’re doing is enough.” Having no maid here has forced me to accept that what I am doing is enough. Now, my children are another matter. I always wonder whether what they’re doing is enough because they play a lot! I have to constantly remind myself that they’re still learning while playing (will be writing a post on this sometime in the future). Also, I wonder whether I should push them to do more or not because of their ages (8yr old will finish grade 3, 11 yr old will finish grade 6 this week). Sorry this is so long.

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      Hi, Athena. Sorry, I think it was I who misunderstood your words. Just remember that Ms Debra Bell said in the last conference. We won’t be able to teach them everything 🙂 Whatever we miss out on, they’ll be able to catch up and learn it sometime later. 🙂

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