Today marks the 14th year of my motherhood.  Arielle, our eldest, turns 14 today!  It sounds cliche but I’m still going to say it.  HOW FAST TIME FLIES!  These past few days, I’ve been downloading photos I’ve posted in Multiply and looking back at them as far back as 2004 makes me sentimental, giving me that kind of feeling inside only mothers can perfectly understand.

Fourteen years.  Arielle, you used to be that little girl who happily drew and painted on the Manila paper I taped on the wall or refrigerator door.  The one who sat on the floor, enjoying the taho spilled all over your body, and squeezing the sago with your bare hands.  The toddler who confidently babbled as you read your storybook upside down 🙂  And of course, how could I forget your prophetic statement “I can see myself perform on stage doing the main character”, at the age of 9!

Fourteen years.  You’re now a young lady who has accomplished much already at your age and yet, with a lot more dreams you yourself have painted in your canvas of life.  I’ve seen you hang those stars, those dreams up in the sky, and am always elated to be your first witness every time each one lights up and comes true.

Fourteen years and my mind is now doing a rewind of how those years went by. How did I survive those fourteen years???  You were our first-born and everything I did as a mom, I did it the first time with you.  So that makes you my teacher, Arielle.  My hands-on mentor all these years! You may just be our daughter but no else has taught me simple life lessons like you did.  And to this day, you teach me to:

1.  like the color purple (at least, appreciate it more)

2.  be more colorful!

3.  be messy (Sometimes, it’s really more fun!)

3.  sing or listen to music while working

4.  draw more 🙂

5.  not be afraid to try something new or different

6.  visualize my dreams (You are good at this!)

8.  quickly bounce back from a fall and move on as if nothing has happened (This is one of your strong traits which I’m not very good at)

9.  look forward, be a dreamer, and yet live today like no other

10.  smile and laugh more

11.  take more and better pictures (Hahaha!)

12.  be more positive and always let the sun shine!

13.  be amazed at the things one can do and become by just self-learning (This is sooo you!)

14.  strongly believe that God truly has a plan for each one of us

Thank you, Arielle, for these 14 ordinary and yet, personal and meaningful life lessons you’ve taught and continue to remind me, your Mom, these past 14 years.  Our relationship may not have always been smooth, but it will never be like anyone else’s.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  I can only pray that all your heart’s desires be given to you at God’s perfect time and that you will live the life and purpose designed for you and only you!  I LOVE YOU!