Hi, everyone!  This is going to be straightforward and I hope that you could spare a few minutes to answer this short survey of mine.  I would just like to ask you what kind of posts you would like to see here in my blog.  What topics would you be interested in reading?  Which of my past posts did you enjoy (or may have even bookmarked) and would like to see more of?  Your feedback, as specific as possible, would be a great help to me as I try to be more focused in my blogging.  Kindly post your comments here in my blogsite, please?

I would love to hear from you.  Thank you! 🙂 



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    I loved your post about Chocolate Hills… and everything that is homeschool related 🙂 what you guys do and your reflections are a great source of inspiration!

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    Hi, Chris! Thanks for replying 🙂 Oh, the “book” that the girls made on the legend of Chocolate Hills? You know what, that post has the most views (or clicks? or one of the top most) and I was wondering why! I really didn’t expect that! Hmmm…that post really came about because there was no available book on it! Necessity is indeed the mother of invention! Wow, it’s going to be a challenge to do a follow-up on that. I hope another necessity arises or an inspiration strikes to do something similar. It would be nice to know what info or resource you will need in the future and maybe, I can put my thinking cap on and see what I can share about it. Thanks, Chris! 🙂

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    Hi! It’s me again! I love your posts that are homeschool related. I would also love to know like some books you used in your hs, especially when you were just starting out. I’m actually considering TMA but I haven’t read any blogs of those who are with TMA but are also Catholics, so blogging on how you evolved in your hs with TMA or any adjustments you made would really help a lot!

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      Hi! 🙂 Thank you for your time and feedback. Hmmm, on books, we mostly used the ones given by TMA as choices when we started to homeschool; some of which have probably been phased out and changed to something better. Yikes, let me try and stretch my memory as far back as 2006/07 and see if I can still share how we homeschooled since then. What specific ‘adjustments’ could you be referring to?

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    Hi Racquel! I enjoy reading about your homeschool activities because your girls are older and you have had several years of homeschooling already. It’s great to read posts that show how they’re learning the “difficult” subjects. It can be how you tackled a particular math problem in the past. Your posts give us who are still homeschooling preschoolers a glimpse to the future 🙂

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      Hi, Mariel 🙂 So, it’s “How To” that I should take note of. Thanks for the feedback! I truly appreciate it! Praying for wisdom and inspiration to be able to write more and better!

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    Hi Freelancemomma! I was thrilled to see in your blog that you’re getting books from us 🙂 Do you have a child older than 5? Because you don’t yet have to be enrolled with a homeschool provider if your kids are younger than 5. And you don’t need an academic curriculum for preschoolers. 🙂

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    Hi Raquel! What I mean with ‘adjustment’ is that if there’s any curriculum/book/activity suggested to you by TMA that you found not effective that you decided to use/do something else. And to Mariel, it’s me Daisy. Yes we love the books we bought from your shop! I actually made an inquiry about the cd’s you have.My kids are under the age of 4 as of now and we’re just doing lots of reading and activities related to letters we are studying. My son will turn 5 next year that’s why I’m searching on providers available. My top choice is TMA, next maybe Seton/Kolbe. I know someone who homeschools under School of Tommorrow, have you (Raquel&Mariel) heard about SOT? Any feedback? Thanks!

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      Hi again! 🙂 Oh, okay. I know the ‘adjustment’ that you’re referring to. Re:SOT, sorry, but I don’t really have feedback on it.

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    For me, anything you post is of interest because you’re living in the city where we “live!” But I’d sure love to see/hear more about your children’s outputs, the books you’ve used (HSing for so long, I’m sure you can write some great reviews and they’d be a help for us who buy online because you’ve used them in the Philippine context), how you taught the subjects (hate to teach Social Studies and Filipino!!) and especially your thoughts on HSing. I find myself so ready to quit most of the time!

    Testing, yes, that’s it … I hate creating tests and marking them. What kind of tests you do/make/use?? Especially for Filipino because my kids need all the exercises in the textbooks. Oh and any activity around Batangas would sure interest my kids also … HTH!

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    Hi, Athena!:-) Thanks for that encouraging intro on your post!

    On book reviews, I’ve sold most of our past books already but I’d have to see if I can still recall which were good materials.

    You know what, I also dislike History, Phil Civics, and Filipino subjects. Like right now, Arielle’s reading her Asian History and she herself told me that she wants to research more on the Holocaust. So, I let it be. I personally do not like our local books on these subjects and so, I try my best to just take the subjects lightly and just discuss what I know and questions the girls may have. Later, Kayla will be doing Civics and her topic is on Phil Gov’t. I already told my husband to take over. Last week, a casual discussion took place over meal times. But later, I’ll try to go through Phil Gov’t with Kayla and just give specific current issues as examples to help her understand some of the topics in that particular lesson.

    On testing, most if not all of their tests are the book exercises. I recently attended the Creative Test Development workshop by TMA but haven’t implemented it after that. Also, for Filipino, I just choose exercises. I don’t make them answer all!

    I hope these would help and encourage you. Don’t worry…I think I’ve quit more than you did! 🙂

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      Sorry for the typo error… On testing, most, if not all, of their tests….(I think, there should be commas inserted here 🙂 )

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    You hate History??!! We love history! We’re always going on little rabbit trails in our history studies. That’s why we’ve yet to finish MOH vol. 1 even though we’ve been at it for 2 years (nearly finished, we’re at Augustus Caesar already, though).

    I think our Philippine Civics book presents adult topics so early (like reproductive health, why ask a 6th grader to think about reproductive health – that’s more about the mother’s health not about the use of contraceptives) also it asks questions about topics that are not in the textbook (like Sangkap Pinoy, fortunately, I had CheezWhiz to show them the Sangkap Pinoy logo).

    I take your reply to mean that you don’t make tests? I make tests for History, Bible, Filipino, Social Studies, in fact all subjects except Math/HELE/Elective. Because for English, we always use the comprehension questions so I don’t want to rehash them for the tests and I always include one or two vocabulary tests because they’re easier to make and for the kids to ace. btw, for Filipino, I’ve decided to ignore the textbook and just follow’s Deped’s curriculum, it’s so much easier. Sorry for this long reply …

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    Athena, I appreciate your comments! No need to apologize! 🙂

    I’m sorry. I had Philippine history on locally published books in my mind when I said I dislike history. MOH is fine with us. It’s just like story-telling for us. I’ve yet to search high and low for local books on Social Studies, Philippine history, Asian history, that are more engaging and interesting like MOH.

    I let the girls do the tests or exercises in the books for Math, Science, English, Filipino, Bible (or Christian Living for us, since we’re Catholics), even MOH at times. I’ve also tried letting the girls do the tests (MOH) for each other themselves, so their kind of thinking or brain gets a different kind of exercise. Art and HELE/TLE are hands-on, actual projects or application.

    As for Filipino, I’ve decided really to pick out the stories, literary pieces, and grammar lessons that are the most basic, relevant and practical. The others, I skip and ignore. I also keep in mind to practice them in oral reading or have a few sessions where they read aloud to me a story or poem. 🙂

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    I’m also referring to our Civics book when I referred to History. Sorry about that. I use the term Phil Civics/History when I file or label things here in the house 🙂 Sorry for the confusion.

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    And here I was going to ask you to share some of the tests you’ve given for high school ….!

    I plan to share the tests I’ve made some day, that’s one of the reasons I started my blog (kasi I thought, wow, if I’m having a hard time what about others??!) but then I’d have to add in answer keys so that will have to wait.

    Sure am waiting for your next post on HSing or life in general …

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    It would be nice to see how you make your own tests, Athena! I guess I’ve learned to really know what my priorities are and I’ve identified Math, Science, and English as are core subjects really, when it comes to the need or requirement to give tests.

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    Athena, what are the grade levels of your kids again?

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    I’m HSing grade 7 (with one grade seven in school so I’m getting have a fair idea of what grade 7 students in schools are doing), grade 4 and Kinder. I’m concentrating on the grade 7, he’s kind of young (only just turned 12) and definitely not yet ready for the essay type tests typically given starting grade 7. btw, i forgot to say I don’t make tests for Science anymore, just use Apologia’s.

    Off to type some tests now …

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    Got kinda confused there, Athena. You have 2 kids in Grade 7? One in trad school and one is homeschooled?

  18. Posted November 16, 2012 at 3:44 AM | Permalink

    Yes, long story there. I wrote about it in a post dated Sept. 18. We might also send the one who is HSed because it’s VERY lonely for them here. We’re the only HSers in town – as far as we know.

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    Ok, Athena. I’ll try to visit your blog when I’ve settled down next week. Weekends for us are usually on-the-go. I hope all of you may find company, comfort, and love in each other. Enjoy your weekend, Athena!

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    Hi Racquel! Got to know your blog through being one of the participants as well in the Spend-Less Holidays Blog Carnival 🙂 I truly admire what you do. 🙂 Hope to read more tips on how you do it- effectively teach kids/giving them good study habits etc.. 🙂 Thanks!

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