Beyond Books and Walls.  Thinking of a domain name for my new blogsite surely gave my brain a good amount of stretching!  After coming up with a list of about 20 names, I finally chose Beyond Books and Walls.  Why the name?  Simple. It’s an offshoot of my tagline “The world is our classroom” from my previous blogsite, which I decided to keep.  Call me Ms. Sentimental but I would like to take something with me here from my old blog.  I really think the name Beyond Books and Walls best captures the kind of homeschooling we try to live out.  It paints a picture of the kind of learning we want our girls to have.  Not only learning, but also living.

Arielle did a clean and pretty design of my header and logo 🙂  I’m so thankful for her!  Her work is a showcase of what “beyond books and walls” mean.  She wouldn’t have learned real-life skills had she been confined to the four walls of the classroom.  Not only skills but the self-initiative and discipline to learn more what she needs to learn and what she wants to learn.  For more of Arielle’s artistic self, click here (for her personal blog) and here (for her homeschool blog as her portfolio for this year).  I’m telling you, she’s doing a lot, lot better than me in designing her blogs, keeping them and making them blogworthy!  Doing my header and logo gave Arielle the experience to work on a real application (not a homeschool requirement), with a deadline, and also, to think things through and make improvements on her own work and not just settle for what’s good enough.  Her first rendition of my header was the traditional watercolor paint on paper, pictured and then, edited using Photoshop.  But I gave her my feedback (just like a client but I may have sounded more like her mom though) that I personally would have wanted the colors brighter and bolder.  So, changes were made to what you see now on my homepage.

That’s my handwriting there on “The world is our classroom!”



As for the small logo that you see on the upperleft corner, I gave Arielle my idea after seeing an image that served as an inspiration.  We talked about using colors from the header to give the space some consistent elements or continuity, and that’s what she finally came up with.  An open book against or positioned slightly on top of a wall, with the sun shining from behind the open book, and the letters B B & W at the bottom.

So, there!  The name and images behind my new blogsite. It may not be as eye-candy as the other blogs, but I’m happy with it!  It’s something very personal, a reflection of our lifestyle,  which I would now like to share with you. 


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