Another year has just ended! Yahooo!!! And WHEW!!! We just finished our last portfolio review with our academic consultants and the girls are scheduled to take their year-end OLSAT this April 10.  After that, schoolyear 2012-2013 is officially over.  

The girls and I are currently doing a major summer cleaning and the house looks like a war zone. Our hands are all black and dirty;  boxes, books, paper, toys, knick-knacks are everywhere; Kayla’s sneezing from the dust; my lower back is aching and I am sweating in this summer heat!  This isn’t actually my favorite thing to do at the end of each schoolyear (I actually hate it!), but looking at the bright side, we have just finished another homeschooling year!  Our sixth, to be exact! (I still wonder how we’re able to do that!)

Every year, it seems like we haven’t done enough and that we have missed out this and that, and this and that.  But I just have to remind myself that we will go crazy if we attempt to cover EVERYTHING in one schoolyear.  Learning should never stop anyway and reality is, we will never get to learn everything in our lifetime!  

The best way to end a schoolyear is to look back with gratitude on our accomplishments, milestones, hurdles, and victories that we have encountered along the way.  And the blogs of our girls, Arielle and Kayla, deserve praise and recognition!  (In a few years time, I’d most likely look back at their blogs, a bit teary-eyed, and asking “We did this???”)


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So now, I am proud to share with you the girls’ blog portfolios for Schoolyear 2012-2013:

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 11.49.31 AM

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 11.49.48 AM

  • Kayla’s Adventures With Kayla, where I was able to see Kayla evolve from a Reluctant Writer to a Budding Blogger 🙂


The Homeschooled Mermaid

I hope you’ll enjoy reading them and pick up some good things from the girls’ blogs.  I now have to go back to our cleaning duties (which do not make us look, smell, and feel clean at all!) 😀


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