I’ve repeated admitted a number of times that Arielle’s been doing a better blogging job than me.   Starting out as a tween blogger (at age 12), she’s able to tweak her blog layout, post her own illustrations showcasing her self-taught skills, learn Photoshop basics and tricks she learned all by herself, take great photos in one click (which would take me about 10!), do ad swaps, and connect with other bloggers from all over. Now, Arielle’s just been featured on Cici Bean‘s blog, Celebrating Awesomeness Tween Blogger Edition (After clicking this link, please scroll down until you see the post that looks like the one below)!  How cool and awesome is that? 

Awesome Tween Blogger on Cici Bean

Photo Source: http://letyourheartbeyourguide.blogspot.ca/


How she ended up being featured on a Canadian preteen clothing brand for girls, I have no idea! She said they just emailed her and everything flowed from there!  The wonders of technology!  And how small the world has become because of it 🙂  Although she did mention to me about the guesting feature, I only remember advising her to read more about the company and check its values.  Plus, my only condition for her accept the invitation was to make sure that it only gives out a positive image and message to its readers.  To read more about Cici Bean, click on the links below:

About Cici Bean

Cici Bean’s Vision 

Cici Bean’s Ambassador Program

Cici Bean’s Collection

Words of Wisdom

If Cici Bean wanted AWESOMENESS, CREATIVITY, PASSION, and ENERGY, celebrated and shared, then, I think they made the right choice on Arielle who personifies all these 🙂  I say this not because I’m her mom but because her blog is plain proof showing her true colors.    Arielle is really one girl who definitely knows who she is, what she’s got, and is comfortable with it.  No need really to conform, to be like the rest.  And that is exactly the message she personally wants to share to the world through her blog. 🙂



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