I am currently in the Visayas.  I’ve been here with Mike since Sunday, April 21, and I am enjoying a short vacation here in Bacolod, the City of Smiles 🙂

Photo Source: http://www.exploreiloilo.com/bacolod-philippines

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The reason why Mike and I are here is because Arielle and Kayla joined for the first time, a Marine and Wildlife Camp in Danjugan Island, southwest off the coast of Negros Occidental.  They are joined by their two other friends from CISV Camp, another camp they’ve been joining in Manila.

Photo Source:http://prrcf.org/about-danjugan

Photo Source:http://prrcf.org/about-danjugan


While the kids are in camp for 5 days (See photos here), Mike and I are grateful for the hospitality given to us by our couple friends we met in Singles For Christ many years ago (20, to be exact!).  Their eldest son, now all of 17 years, towering at 6’1″, and will soon be in college in Manila, is my “inaanak” (godson) and his dad is also the “ninong” (godfather) of Arielle.  They’ve been touring us around, cooking homemade dishes, and taking us to different local restaurants here, making everyday a “food trip”! It also is a good opportunity for all of us to renew ties, recall and laugh at fond memories, and give our kids a longer time to spend with each other. (Take a look at more happy photos 🙂 )

On A Short Vacation in Bacolod

Had the famous Bacolod specialty,
chicken inasal, etc.
at Golden Food Park in Silay for lunch
upon arriving in Bacolod!

On A Short Vacation in Bacolod

Dinner at Kuppa; then, Spa Natura afterwards!

On A Short Vacation in Bacolod

Dinner at Delicioso! Had two kinds of soup, two kinds of paella, steak, two kinds of pizza, chocolate lava cake…BUSOG!!!

On A Short Vacation In Bacolod

At The Ruins

On A Short Vacation in Bacolod

Dinner at Aboy’s

At Aboy's during our short vacation in Bacolod

Leisurely chatting and seriously eating
with good friends
at Aboy’s 🙂

Fresh Buko Juice During Our Short Vacation in Bacolod

Fresh Buko Juice! My health drink fix!

The past 12 months gave me a different set of concerns and demands which I wasn’t quite prepared for; hence, I felt I was being pulled in all directions, leaving me exhausted and drained, not only physically but mentally as well (too much thinking and deciding!)   I’m glad Mike and I decided to stay, instead of go back to Manila, after sending off the kids to camp because this short vacation in Bacolod is giving me the respite I so need to temporarily keep my mind off the usual household, domestic, and homeschooling concerns and duties.    Mike is also one happy guy after being able to play golf at the Marapara Golf and Country Club twice.  Here in Bacolod, I was able to focus on two tasks (as opposed to 10!) which would most likely not be completed if I was back home because of the many other distractions and demands around me.  I was able to sort out our hundreds of photos from our recent Palawan trip (hmmm, another blog to write about?) and as you can see, I am able to continue blogging.  The two things I really wanted to accomplish before I move on to the bigger and more serious ones.  And the good thing about it is I was able to do these with focus and in a more relaxed manner and setting.

I feel recharged and it really feels GOOD inside! We still have a few days here to explore the place some more (see ancestral houses, go to the sugar mill if there’s something to see in their operations, buy pasalubong),  check out other interesting places to eat after the kids get back from camp (and have a small get-together for Kayla’s birthday; She turned 12 yesterday, April 25!), and simply enjoy this laid-back city. By the time we all fly back to Manila and go back home to Batangas, I’ll be ready to look into a new work opportunity and get down to the nitty-gritty of planning for our coming homeschooling schoolyear (I will write about it).  But the important reminder for me to take home is to make a conscious effort to slow down, be more focused on the things I need to do by not over scheduling my day, and enjoy the company of my family members.  The kids are just growing up soooo fast!

We all need to take short vacations or at least, short breaks.  It definitely is a GOOD THING!  How about you?  What do you do to recharge and let your body, mind, and spirit GROW (my one-word for 2013)?  Any activity, a place of retreat, or perhaps, a hobby of special interest?


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