The girls finished their Second Quarter first week of November and so, this is a bit late.  Again, here are their blog links as their e-portfolios:

Their Second Quarter Portfolios are all in their October and November posts.  I will be honest in saying that I feel that we are running out of better ideas in our homeschooling and for our portfolios, just as what I’ve written last quarter.  

Would you have suggestions, resources, activities or methods that worked for you?  Do share!  Homeschooling teens and in high school is challenging and requires a different kind of strategy!

The past two weeks have been such a blur.  I must say that super typhoon Yolanda, or any disaster beyond anyone’s expectation for that matter, really puts one’s normal life into a halt.  Since I cannot yet seem to organize my thoughts on how our family coped these past two weeks with this tragedy on a national scale, let me quickly share first the normal side of everything.  

Last November 16, Kayla had her Sacrament of Confirmation at the Presentation of The Child Jesus Parish in BF Homes, Paranaque.  My homeschool mommy friend, Janina Teodoro, was the one who told me about this schedule and I was so thankful that she shared it with me because it was really in my priority list for this year that Kayla gets confirmed. It was an answered prayer! Janina’s daughter, Dani, was also one of the confirmants that day.

Sacrament of Confirmation

Sacrament of Confirmation

Sacrament of Confirmation

Sacrament of Confirmation

Sacrament of Confirmation

It was a simple ceremony (not a mass though) preceded by a seminar where the confirmants (even the parents and sponsors) had a good review of their Catholic faith before receiving the Sacrament.  I was glad that Kayla was able to answer most of the questions asked by the woman who gave the seminar.  It just gave me the assurance that I’ve been teaching her what she needs to know 😉  Here are a few links I found which I thought might help you in teaching your kids what the Sacrament of Confirmation is all about:

1.  Baltimore Catechism

2.  On Confirmation

3.  How To Explain Catholic Confirmation To A Teen

4.  Know, Love, and Live Our Catholic Faith (Word Documents for the Confirmation Candidate and Catechists)

Coincidentally, I take Kayla’s devotional and reflection for today as a manifestation of her growing in maturity in her Catholic faith.  This was what she wrote this morning:

Kayla's devotional and reflection for today :)

Kayla’s devotional and reflection for today 🙂


Going back to Yolanda, allow me some time to reflect on the events that happened these past days and how my family and I brought ourselves together as one to be able to extend help in the best way we could.  Till my next post…




As you and the whole world already know by now, the Philippines has recently been stricken by tragedies one after the other. First, it was the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Bohol and Cebu which literally brought structures down to the ground and into pieces. Then, just last Friday, we were hit by supertyphoon Yolanda (international name “Haiyan”) which again devastated towns, especially in Leyte.  These affected areas are all nearby each other in the Visayas and the earthquake victims haven’t even recovered yet from their tragedy and then, came,  I would say, an even more destructive force of nature.  See map here (for the earthquake) and here (for the supertyphoon).

Even before these natural calamities came, Sew Easy For Kids was already planning and preparing for their upcoming bazaar on Nov. 23-24 by Woodrose School.  We were all excited and looking forward to this fun and new, learning experience for the kids.  After all, all we needed was SCRAP FABRIC and extra time to sew! A first for many, if not all of us.  When the earthquake happened, we then collectively decided to donate proceeds of our sales to the earthquake victims.  A BIG portion of it!  

The kids have been extra busy SEWING MORE and MORE so that we could GIVE MORE! Not only to the earthquake victims but now, to the supertyphoon victims, too!  Needless to say, the kids have been SEWING with their HANDS and HEARTS!  

We are grateful and blessed to have been given this opportunity to share whatever and however we can to our fellow Filipinos in dire need.  If you think that you cannot help much or don’t know how to help, think again.  YOU CAN HELP!  YOU CAN!  

Sewing with their hands and hearts!

Sewing with their hands and hearts!


Sewing with our hands and hearts

Photo courtesy of
Anne del Rosario of
Sew Easy For Kids


Sewing with our hands and hearts

Photo courtesy of
Anne del Rosario of
Sew Easy For Kids Manila


Sewing with our hands and hearts



Photo Source: THE WAHMderful Community for Work At Homemakers in Facebook

Last October 27, a Sunday, I spent my day in the company of mommies, daddies, WAHMies, WAHDies (Work At Home Daddies), kiddos, babies, singletons, mentors and speakers.  It’s because I signed up for the WAHMderful Weekend organized by Martine de Luna (of Dainty MomMartine de Luna, and WAHMderful Life), Ginger Arboleda (of Manila WorkshopsGinger Arboleda, and Manila Reviews) and Patricia  de Castro Cuyugan (of Mrs C’s Sugarcoated Life).  That day, we were all at Meeting Rooms 4 and 5 of the new SMX Convention Center of SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City (I will not forget its full-blast aircon that quite gave me shivers most of the day, and several trips to the ladies’ restroom :)).  

I don’t even know where to begin.  The event was just packed from the moment it started until it ended.  With keynote speakers:

WAHMderful Keynote Speakers (L to R): Ginger Arboleda, Martine de Luna, Yeng Remulla, Apa Alviar

WAHMderful Keynote Speakers (L to R): Ginger Arboleda, Martine de Luna, Yeng Remulla, Apa Alviar


it felt like I was enrolled in a short course on Life 101, Life Purpose and Management, and Business 101!    

  1. Apa Alviar gave a hearty talk on Life Purpose, The HEART of the WAHM;
  2. Ginger Arboleda shared her AHA moments on The ART of ‘Racket’;
  3. Yeng Remulla’s tips on HOW TO START UP was presented in a light and yet realistic manner;
  4. Martine de Luna’s concluding talk on FINDING BLISS and HAPPINESS in who we are and what we do was just apt.


The day’s program was a good intersperse of serious and fun. The games, raffling off of prizes, presentations, food breaks made the hours (all 8 hours of it!) pass by without me noticing it.  It was a day of learning, enjoying, eating (The catered lunch by Josiah’s Catering was delicious! So were the desserts by Ala Mode!), laughing, connecting, sharing, and bonding.  And with even brief entertainment segments, singing intermissions (by Marge Aberasturi of TheHappyWahm)!  I must not forget the generous giveaways and support of these sponsors: 


and co-presentors:


Photography was taken care of by MRLightworkz Photography.   Sitting Pretty was one of the raffle sponsors (I wanted that magnetic board!) and the books of Yeng Remulla and Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag (hot off the press!) were raffled off, too.   There were also booths by Happy  Finds, Ala Mode, Pamper Me Pink, and Kookyloopy.   The event was simply an overload!!!

WAHMdeful Weekend  Keynote Speakers

WAHMdeful Weekend
Keynote Speakers


We were able to take a peek into the lives of WAHMies Marge Aberasturi, Patricia Cuyugan, Michelle Padrelanan of Beyond Silver and Gold, and Janice Lim of The Roller Coaster Ride.  They shared with us what they do and how a day was like for them, whom I all call SuperWAHMies 🙂  (Just ask them where they get their SuperWAHMie powers, aside from all having SuperSupportive Husbands.  I know Patricia Cuyugan gets hers from Maltesers 😉 )

We were also given the chance to huddle up with mentors of our choice, to ask questions and seek advice (but time wasn’t enough, if you ask me):

1.  Investment Options with Insular Life Financial Adviser

2.  Mompreneurship and Business Planning with Ginger Arboleda

3.  Virtual Assistance with Marge Aberasturi and Jennyfer Tan

4.  Time Management with Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag

5.  Graphic and Website Design with Jayme Gatbonton


Now moving on to the serious part, I will not enumerate each point given by the keynote speakers in their presentations. There are too many!  Let me just share with you my reflections after the event.

Apa gave quite a deeper probe of my heart after doing that exercise on coming up with my life purpose, my mission statement.  I liked the way he guided the exercise because I was able to zero in on words that make up MY mission:


I thought I would be able to put somewhere in there the role of being the stereotype WAHM (working and earning at home) but my heart was really whispering that I am first and foremost, a mother.  A homeschooling mother.  A homeschool parent-teacher.  Like what Apa said, strip off all the titles one has (blogger, writer, president, virtual assistant, doctor…) and who am I at the core? After putting down my pen, I was just given that validation that I am where I am supposed to be. At the same time, it made me hopeful about the future.  Where could this lifestyle we have chosen (or wherever I am at this stage of my life now) bring us (or me) to next?  As for the WAHM side of me or my WAHM-related plans, the rest of the speakers spoke to me further.

Ginger’s AHA moments were all based on her experience and what struck me the most was her AHA moment #1:  Don’t grab opportunities.  MAKE THEM!  That was just encouraging and empowering!

When it was Yeng Remulla’s turn, I was entertained by his visual presentations and stories.  But what did I learn from him?  EVERYONE HAS WORTH. EVERYONE HAS IDEAS.  EVERYONE CAN START and DO SOMETHING!  With everyone’s unique capabilities, WORK then is something that one should ENJOY and is something PERSONAL.  I now see the connection of this to Apa’s point, where one’s work should be motivated by one’s core values and not merely as a means to make ends meet (today’s sad reality for many).  The question to really ask is: Where is my best work F.I.T. (Fulfillment — enjoyment, Income — We have to earn and pay the bills, let’s be realistic), Talent — What do I do best)?  Wherever these three merge, that would be the answer.

To end the day, Martine capped it off with a simple yet inspiring reminder that our core, our being, and our work must be a union of who we really are, our God-given talents, strengths, and resources where we must put all of these into good use not only for ourselves but for the community and for others.  If we live by this, then, I believe that happiness won’t be far behind.

As my final note, whatever you decide on being AND doing, read the message on my teabag that day 🙂

My teabag message that WAHMderful Weekend :)

My teabag message that
WAHMderful Weekend 🙂

Yes, your decisions and choices have an impact on the people around you.  Let your decisions and choices make a significant, positive difference, no matter how small they are.

So much wisdom gained and fun experienced that day where I must say that I had a WAHMderful Weekend! 🙂