This post is going to be short.  I don’t even know exactly what to write here.  All I’m certain of is I’m feeling numb and “just floating” these past days since my mother-in-law passed away.  Add physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion to that. 

Our normal homeschooling life is on pause-play-pause mode these days.  Tomorrow will be Day 1 of Mommy’s wake and interment will be on Saturday.  We’ve been busy taking care of memorial arrangements, rearranging our schedules,  cancelling and rescheduling appointments, making back and forth trips to Manila. The shift in mindset and focus on the different things to take care of and pay attention to has taken its toll on me.  I really feel numb and unfocused these days.  I don’t even have the brain power to teach to the girls the life lessons to be learned from our present circumstances. 

As much as I’d want to finish our 3rd quarter already (we are behind our end-target date by 1 month), it’s been a slooow progress.  I have to sheepishly admit that I’ve been pressuring the girls to answer more exercises, work on their portfolios, and finally submit them to me.  Result? Not good.  We are not getting the kind of results we want and worst of all, we all end up stressed and cranky.

Well, this is life, I realize.  There comes a time when we really just have to take the time to pause. Maybe even drop everything we’re doing.  

I can’t wait to be “back to my senses” again.  I can’t wait to feel and be my “normal” self and get back on track.  This isn’t a great feeling to have but then again, it’s one of those “That’s life” moments.  

How do you cope up with life’s unexpected interruptions and when things are simply not going as planned? 



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    It’s ok to take time off to mourn and adjust. If you are feeling ‘floaty’, I suspect your girls probably are, too. Maybe one of the life lessons here is “take time to mourn”. When some time has passed and the edge is off your grief, then you can talk through other lessons with your children. Being ‘behind’ in our schoolwork is something we put on ourself. It is easy to ‘catch up’ once we are able to focus again. Give yourself time; let yourself grieve.
    How do I cope? By allowing myself time to work through what is going on. By realizing that everything is not going to go as I planned and interruptions are going to happen. Yes, I sometimes get frustrated and sometimes can’t focus, but a wise woman once told me, “this too, shall pass”. As trite as that sounds, I have found that it is very true. Hang in there!
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      Thank you so much! With what you’ve said here, I guess the right and best thing to do really is to take time to grieve, to pause…as this is also the advice I’ve gotten from my friends. And yes, they too have told me that “This too shall pass”. Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness! I really appreciate it.

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