I know, I know.  I haven’t been blogging and I’m now having a difficult time getting back to the rhythm.  I’ve attempted a number of times to start writing but only ended up staring at a blank page and going to bed instead.  I was just too tired at the end of each day!

You see, we’ve moved in to our new place and we four are still adjusting in our new space and territory.  We don’t have a helper YET and we’ve been on our own.  I admit, I’m not one of those do-it-all SAHMs.  I’m not cut out for it, and I don’t intend to stress myself out to be one. I must have an ample Me time in order for me to be the best kind of wife, mother, woman I can be, in my own standards and not anybody else’s.

It’s been months and months of shuttling back and forth, packing, unpacking, buying, sorting, wiping, washing, cleaning, arranging wares, testing appliances, repairing and retouching.  These days, it’s all about grocering, cooking, dishwashing, cleaning up, and throwing the trash.  Our washing machine still needs some fixing so we can’t do our laundry just yet.

I’ve been living a more domesticated life and I still do.  There are times when I feel overwhelmed and wish I could go back to the kind of life I’ve been used to.  Everything was predictable.  Things were running like clockwork.  We had a cook and helpers which spell out the huge difference! 

But I can’t complain. Our new house is a blessing.  Everything in it is a blessing. THIS CHANGE IS A BLESSING!

What I love and treasure these days with this change is seeing my family growing in and with it. We’re all learning NEW house chores hands-on.  Yeah, our tiredness sometimes leads to squabbles, but we’re doing things together.  And as we do things together,  I see each one of us growing individually in character.  Being more helpful.  Considerate.  Understanding.  Patient. Giving.  Selfless.  Cooperative. Flexible. More responsible.  Respectful. Taking Initiative.  Joyful. Supportive. Appreciative.

I also embrace this change as a good training ground for our girls to be more independent.  The repetitive chores can be boring and mundane but these are exactly what they need to make them more mature and be prepared for life’s realities.  Arielle will be in college in two years and this is what she needs to learn, not found in textbooks or commonly taught in school.   Kayla, on the other hand, is also learning how to do hard things.

So this is where my family and I are at now.  We are in the midst of change and each one of us is doing his and her best to adapt to what’s different and new.  I think this change is doing us good. Yes, change can be good.

Have you been going through changes lately?  How are you taking them?


The materials included  in our kit plus brush pens (and Sharpies to be delivered to our home addresses since they didn't make it on time for the workshop)

The materials included
in our kit plus brush pens
(and Sharpies to be delivered to our home addresses since they didn’t make it on time for the workshop)

It’s been a very hectic first quarter of 2014 and month of March.  It’s the end of our 7th year in homeschooling which means wrapping up another schoolyear, doing portfolios, taking year-end tests, and still trying to catch up with our goals for the important subjects like Math and Science. Moving in chores have become more frequent and thus, more physically taxing. It’s also time to narrow down options for summer activities this April and May and choose those where schedules will flow smoothly and driving around town would be bearable in the summer heat!  Imagine all these taking place all at the same time, leaving me drained and wanting some kind of escape!

I really feel burnt out and all I can think of is V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!  Well, I still have to wait for a few more weeks till my family goes out of town for our yearly beach trip.  In the meantime, pausing a few minutes (or sometimes hours) to write down my note for the dayspending a few hours doing arts and crafts, meeting up with my so-called “playmates” on art dates, and learning a new craft are my survival tools, just to give me the frequent breaks I so need.  

Just last Sunday, March 30, Arielle and I, joined a workshop together.  It was called a Modern Calligraphy and Creative Lettering workshop by Alessandra Lanot of Life After Breakfast at The Burger Project in Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati, one of the restaurants owned by Alessa and her hubby.  Even if it was my second time to attend a calligraphy workshop, the first time with Ink Scribbler, I learned new techniques and additional info about calligraphy, which is the art of writing beautifully.  

To me, it was a quiet Sunday afternoon, perfect to unwind the crazy week that had just passed. Perfect to end the month of March.  Perfect to end the first quarter of the year.  Perfect to officially start April and summer.  And last but not the least, it was also a perfect bonding moment with Arielle, who looooves ink and paper! 

It was an afternoon of learning the proper way of using our calligraphy pens, of lines and swirls,  of up strokes and down strokes, and simply creating something beautiful with pen and ink.

Perfect way to spend my Sunday afternoon

Arielle working on her worksheet

I just love those flourishes!

Alessa doing a sample of
creative lettering

Arielle’s own version of
creative lettering!
What she wrote is so true!

Arielle (in her fave skirt she sewed herself!) and Alessa 🙂


How did the first three months of 2014 go by for you?  What’s your form of “escape” when life gets you really occupied?