I’ve been thinking about Arielle’s college lately.  DEEP SIGH!  We can’t even seem to catch up with our 2nd and 3rd quarter requirements this schoolyear and the thought of college is starting to scare me!  STARTING TO.  To be honest, it has been A SOURCE OF ANXIETY for me this schoolyear.  I’ve been praying about it though.  A LOT. I’ve  always asked God to always guide and bless our homeschooling, most especially these days for Arielle’s college.  But still, I’ve been anxious about it and even GETTING MORE AND MORE ANXIOUS as each day of her senior year passes by because it only means a step closer and closer to college applications.  It means having to muster enough courage and wisdom to help Arielle really prepare for it (Gosh!  I don’t even know where to start and make sure I’ve got everything in order!), review for and pass the exams (What have I missed out? In Math? Science? History? English?).  What’s even MORE FRIGHTENING FOR ME, after all these years of homeschooling her from Grade 3 until 4th year high school, is to find out IF I have TAUGHT HER WELL enough NOT ONLY to be able to to pass the different college entrance examinations BUT ALSO, PREFERABLY at the school and course of HER CHOICE (You see, she’s been deadset to take up Animation as her college course).  Have I been a good and responsible homeschooling mom to her, wise and diligent enough as her parent to develop her God-given talents and show her what may be God’s purpose and design for her?  Don’t you think I have every right to feel NERVOUS about this whole college thing?  I do, right?  Because I feel that I am also the one being tested here and it’s a PASS OR FAIL kind of test!

Before I move on, although Arielle is currently in her senior high school year and will be graduating this March 2015, she WILL NOT be entering college right away.  Now that’s the major decision we have made and first step we will take TO PREPARE her for college.  We have ALL decided that she will take a gap year before she finally moves up to college.  Here are our personal reasons:

  • Because we feel that she did lose a substantial amount of time to learn what was needed to learn when her Grade 7 year was taken away from her after the Department of Education suddenly wanted a revamp in our K-10 education program and implement the K-12 program (That was one whole year of missing out basic Math, Science, and English lessons;  Although Arielle immediately moved up from Grade 6 to 1st year high school (She belongs to the last batch who is not under the K-12 program), we did not skip the Math, Science lessons that she should have taken in Grade 7.  We still took up the lessons in their order and degree of complexity as she moved up from one level to the next, after Grade 6.  The effect of which was she had to study two Math subjects when she was in 3rd year and now in her 4th year, in order to complete the requirements and make her eligible for graduation and as a college student applicant.  That gave her a HEAVY work load!  Added stress!)
  • Because we feel that she’s too young to enter college (After a 4-year course, she will just be 19!  She’s too young to apply for a job and be hired for one.)
  • Because she herself feels that she’s not ready for college (We’ve asked her about this so many times just to make sure that the decision also came from her and that we did not “order” her to simply obey us.)
  • Because we are not in a hurry.
  • Because we feel that real education is not a cookie-cutter kind of education.  Just because her friends who are in the same year level or age as she is, are all doing college reviews, taking college entrance exams and will go to college right after graduating high school, it doesn’t mean that she needs to do the same.  I believe this is also living up to the real meaning of homeschooling, which allows the child or student to learn at her own pace.  Since we also believe that that homeschooling encourages one to be a life-long learner, then as the term says, learning is for life! So there really is no need to rush and follow everyone else and end up what?  Shifting courses?  Not even knowing what you want to do in life?  Unemployed?  Underemployed?  And worse, not being happy with and feeling lost in life?


So that’s how we are preparing Arielle for college.  By not getting to it right away!  She will be taking a gap year and after spending a considerable amount of time deliberating upon this decision with our homeschool provider, we honestly and comfortably feel that it is the RIGHT THING to do.




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    Praying for your family’s journey, Racquel! Looking forward to your daughter’s new adventure! As you know, those of us who are still starting our homeschool journey with our little ones are finding inspiration from your family. Thank you for sharing!
    Mariel @ The Learning Basket recently posted…12 Meaningful Christmas Family Traditions You Can Start This YearMy Profile

    • Maripi de Leon
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      Totally agree! Our son Sam is in 3rd year HS & our schoolyear isn’t synchronized with most traditional schools, but we’ve decided to just follow our time table, which then means he’ll have a few months off before he goes to college, but it’ll look like he missed a whole schoolyear. He’ll probably be 19 when he begins college, but that’s perfectly fine with us. We want him to be completely sure about what course he’ll be taking because we don’t want him shifting courses midstream. Actually, we want him to be clear on what he plans to do with his life, so that we can plan as to how college is going to help him make those plans a reality. My hubby and I are scanning the career landscape right now because it’s much more vast now compared to when we were planning our own college education & career. And of course, like you, we’re praying for the Lord’s vision, direction & guidance.

      • racquel
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        Hi, Maripi! Thanks for commenting here and letting me know that we are not alone in this choice and decision. We are still not clear about what Arielle will EXACTLY do during her gap year but it just feels good to know that she will have that period to really focus more on what she really wants to do and think about her life direction. Hope to chat with you soon, Maripi 🙂

    • racquel
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      Thank you, Mariel, for being so supportive! It is my prayer that whatever we’re doing right now will inspire others in their own decisions about homeschooling and family lifestyle 🙂 Thank you and you are doing a wonderful job just the same!!! 🙂

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    Love all your reasons, Racquel! Thanks for sharing – always look forward to your posts!

    • racquel
      Posted November 15, 2014 at 8:53 AM | Permalink

      Again, thank you, Athena, for being an “avid” fan of my posts, which sometimes I think don’t make sense! If only I have more time and the skill to really write more! 🙂

  3. Gilda
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    I’m so very impressed with you’re dedication to homeschooling and believe your sacrifices have most certainly paid off. I love how you raised my two nieces and have admired the persons they’ve become. To me, they’re so balanced, well-informed, responsible and so well prepared for life. I’m all support of your decision to give Arielle a gap-year before she goes to college. Congrats Racquel and Mike!

    • racquel
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      Ate Gi! Welcome to my blog 🙂 And thanks for leaving a comment 🙂 Another area to lift up to God! We’re really praying that she gets accepted in a good school offering animation. Please pray for Arielle and for us to make the right decisions as we go along.

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    i believe education shouldnt be rushed but it all depends on the child and their readiness
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    I really appreciate your preparation for college in the gap year. There will be a little anxiety but loved your plan and all the best.
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    I think that you made a good decision in planning for a gap year for your daughter. While taking a gap year definitely isn’t the best solution for everyone, I think it was right for your situation. Transitioning from high school to college can be hard, especially when you’re so young. I hope that the year of preparation goes well so Arielle can do her best when she gets to college!

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