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I really had no plans of writing about Pope Francis’s arrival in the Philippines.  I didn’t think we’d be able to catch the media coverage because we were on our way home to Batangas from Manila when he was expected to arrive at NAIA.  Since it was declared a holiday in the metro, we got home in a jiffy just a few minutes before his plane landed at the airport, was able to immediately turn on the t.v. and follow the coverage of this much-awaited event.    I can’t help but join the Filipino Catholics with so much eagerness, anticipation, excitement, and joy as we welcomed him from afar!

Arielle and Kayla love Pope Francis!  Like many, they find him joyful, humble, simple, lovable, non-discriminating, and with a charisma which sets him apart from the past popes and other church leaders.  And maybe because they know that Pope Francis takes selfies with teens like them! 🙂  Arielle cried just watching him on t.v.  I’m just glad that our girls are able to have Pope Francis during their youth in the same way that I had Pope John Paul II in my early adult years.

Pope Francis has shown himself to be non-traditional which I personally think is the reason why he has attracted Christians and non-Christians alike to the church community, and why he has won back the hearts of non-practicing Catholics, those who have turned away and have been discriminated from the church.   I also think that his love, mercy, and compassion for the poor and the outcast are pure reasons why we Filipinos love him all the more.  And who doesn’t love his cute and genuine smile? 🙂

Meantime, I found these quotes by Pope Francis which our government and church leaders should seriously take note of.  Here also are 10 things we should know about our beloved Pope Francis.

I’m excited to follow the Pope’s 5-day stay here in the Philippines.  I can’t wait to hear what his message is for the Filipino people, and I really mean his personal message for us as a nation.  We are one nation that needs to be healed, to be prayed for, to be blessed.  I honestly and fervently pray that Pope Francis will be able to touch the majority of us, especially our leaders, and that he be the instrument we need to be united as a people and heal us from our brokenness. This is not the time to put one’s political agenda and selfish motives first.  PLEASE!

I join our country in prayer for the safety of the Holy Father in the Philippines.  May his stay here be an unforgettable one for him and for us Fiipinos as well.  More importantly, may he be able to fulfill his intended mission while here in our country and continue to ALWAYS keep us in his prayers.

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