We are on our last quarter of the schoolyear and it’s another homestretch!  And I do mean H-O-M-E-S-T-R-E-T-C-H because Arielle will be graduating from high school and it IS her last quarter of being homeschooled.  I am now facing the more daunting task of releasing Arielle to the real world.  I feel like I myself will be moving up from homeschooling to world schooling. I’m now not sure if I should be relieved or even more scared!  Just being totally honest here. TOTALLY.

As for Kayla, she’s been playing golf on and off since she was about 8 years old and this year, after much prodding, she’s giving it another try.  Mike and I, and those into this sport, see her potential in this field and so, we are encouraging her to play again.  Being a kinesthetic learner, I know that her seriously getting into a sport would work out with her homeschooling.  It’s just a matter of managing her time and being disciplined, which is consequentially a very good life skill to learn.  She started training again this January which means waking up at 6 am every Monday and Wednesday, adjusting her schedule with golf in the morning and schoolwork in the afternoon, and still going to the driving range to practice her swings or play 9 or 18 holes with her Papa during the weekend.  I think she’s beginning to understand that golf is not just P.E. or a sport.  We told her the fact that it can be her ticket to big opportunities like college scholarships, especially in schools abroad. I really hope that this means Kayla has finally found what she really wants to get involved in, the same way that her Ate Arielle has found her passion in art and animation, the very thing that she wants to do in life!

Speaking of passion and the future, I came across this blog post on how to direct your child to his or her future. It’s a simple 5-step guideline to help you clearly identify your child’s natural gifts and ultimately, his or her unique purpose and design.  It’s been easy for us with Arielle because as young as probably 2 or 3 years old, she was already showing strong signs of being inclined towards arts, visual and performing.  It was very consistent with her.  That wasn’t the case for Kayla.  Although the signs she showed were all physical and kinesthetic, we still couldn’t pin down on what she really likes doing. We let her try theatre (which she did very well), culinary (she still likes to cook and bake in the kitchen), swimming, and golf, but her interest in any of these didn’t last very long.  That’s why I am really hoping that this time, she will like golf more and will be persistent about it.

As I continue to immerse myself with my one-word and be focused this 2015, I came to this realization that this year is going to be about MORE SERIOUSLY shaping the lives of Arielle and Kayla. What a BIGGER responsibility!  Yes, 2015 will be a much MORE INTENSE and INTENTIONAL kind of parenting for these two girls as they gear up for their gap year and golfing!

That’s a lot of G in there…GEAR up, GAP year, GOLF  And all I can say is GO for it!  And may GOD’s blessing be upon us!


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    your kids are blessed that you take an active role in helping them find and live their purpose. when I was growing up, although our parents did not push us towards a certain direction, neither did they take an active role In helping us discover what is right for us. so it was really trial and error for me. as a parent, I would like to be able to help our kids to discover and nurture their talents to help them live the life that they are meant to live

    • racquel
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      Thank you, Dette! I learn all these AFTER I went through a traditional and conservative kind of parenting myself. Homeschooling really is like a 360 turn in parenting. It is challenging because a part of you is still stuck in the way you way brought up and another part of you is trying to make things different. When Pope Francis said to guide, protect, and encourage the youth, it was an affirmation of our homeschooling choice. I continue to pray that I am still on the right track in helping Arielle and Kayla discover God’s purpose and design for them.

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    HI.. your story here really inspired me to nurture my kids esp that soon I have my Grade 9 move on to a higher study and she is like me excited for future studies abroad.

    Ejiah is a very independent kid amongst my brood of 4 and this topic you have really caught my interest and same as my other daughter who is interested with golf, may i know where you have the lessons and whom i can entrust professional class for her? Marianna is just 9yr old and always play with her dad in the driving range. By the way we are homeschooled in VCIS Homestudy scholarship program

    • racquel
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      Hi, Rowena! Sorry for replying this late. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. Our second daughter trains with Coach Jun Cedo at Camp Aguinaldo. But I think he trains in other places. You may contact him at 09178990616 but he’ll be out of the country this July and will be back in August.

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