It’s March and we are again on h-o-m-e-s-t-r-e-t-c-h!  Arielle just finished yesterday her last post for her homeschool blog portfolio (You should have heard the BIG SIGH of RELIEF and JOY she gave out yesterday!) and Kayla is on her last 3 subjects!  These girls CAN’T WAIT to finish their academic requirements and take a break momentarily from studying.  I say ‘momentarily’ because during summer, they continue doing Math and Science.

You might think that I am also about to be on vacation.  NOT. AT. ALL.  Kayla is pursuing golf again and I have to fully support her this time and plan her homeschooling, keeping in mind the number of hours she has to give to training and tournaments.  As I’ve shared in my last posts, Arielle will be graduating from high school this April 2015 but will not immediately go to college this July or August.  2015 will be her gap year and it will be in 2016 when she plans to start college, with Animation as her dead set course in mind.  So these days, I am both thinking of an ending and a beginning of journeys.  The ending of another schoolyear (That would make us officially homeschooling for 8 years…and going on our 9th next year!) and the beginning of Arielle’s gap year.

Our plan for her gap year really is to better prepare her for college, most especially that she only has a total of 10 years of basic education and the course that she intends to pursue is best learned abroad, where competition  is tougher and requirements more stringent.   I’ve mindmapped plans on what she should do during her gap year, which include and would focus on:

  1. College Entrance Exam Reviews
  2. Internships
  3. Joining Workshops on Animation
  4. Learning Life Skills
  5. Preparing Curriculum Vitae
  6. Building up and Organizing Portfolio (traditional and digital illustrations)


As of now, everything is roughly scheduled since no definite dates have been announced as to when the different college entrance exams will be.  She already took review classes last summer and so, she will just take a refresher course closer to the date of the entrance exams.  While waiting for the confirmed dates and deadlines,  these are what we have done so far:

  1. Arielle’s art blog has already been migrated from Blogger to WordPress where she will showcase her best art works.  It is a revamp of her blog and she will, according to her, start everything anew.
  2. We have researched on and identified her target schools.  I have been checking on their websites for announcements and taking note of their admission requirements.  I make sure that I do this often so as not to miss any pertinent information on the requirements and to be able to block off important dates pertaining to deadlines.
  3. She also has her apprenticeship and internship goals, since these are also a part of her senior year high school requirement (more of apprenticeship actually).  The latest news is that she got accepted as an illustrator for Young Star, a weekly section that comes out every Friday on the major daily Philippine Star (Our big THANKS to Martine de Luna of for letting us know about this opportunity and most especially, for believing in Arielle!  Arielle was Martine’s apprentice during her 3rd quarter and did a couple of projects for her). Read more about it here.  The announcement was just made last Friday and Arielle was just ecstatic when she found out she made it!  She actually wasn’t too keen on going to the interview, but both Mike and I prodded her to try it out because we think that it will be a good experience for her.  Besides, she will not lose anything if she tries out.  I personally think that if she makes it, it will really look good on her CV!


Photo taken from Philippine Star


You see, the gap journey has just begun and so does Kayla’s more intentional learning.  There is so much to do and yet, it feels fulfilling to do what we feel is right and personal to our girls’ development and future.