The past two days have been celebrations for our family.  Last April 24, Arielle graduated from high school and the eight years of her being homeschooled was a REWARD and an AWARD in itself!   A REWARD because of the many, many memorable moments we had together in this journey as a family that we would not have experienced had she been in a traditional school.  There are just so many experiences that enriched and strengthened us individually and as a family unit.  Too many to count!  An AWARD because SHE DID IT! And I, as a homeschooling mom, did it, too! 🙂  Then, yesterday, April 25, was Kayla’s 14th birthday!  Gosh, the girls are just growing up way too fast, I want to stop time and keep them as my babies forever!

I’ve been on a blog hiatus for the plain reason that there are just too many things going on that I literally do not have that extra time to sit down and start writing. The 8 hours, even 12-14 hours, in a day, doesn’t seem enough for me to accomplish what I both need and want to accomplish for my family and for myself.  We currently do not have any helper in the house (again!) which makes that an added role for me to fulfill, aside from being the girls’ driver, secretary, home manager, and homeschooling mom, of course.  We are also currently going through some house renovation where the flooring on two floors is being changed, leaving our house in a mess!  And being the super-organized mom that I am, seeing the state of our house now is giving me OC (obssessive-compulsive) attack.  I tend to grumble and complain everyday, disliking the endless chores that I need to do, day in and day out.

But something happened yesterday which taught ME (Yes, me, the homeschooling mom!) a lesson just this morning during breakfast.  Nepal was hit with a 7.5 magnitude earthquake leaving over a thousand dead (as of this writing) and almost 5,000 injured and so many buildings and homes destroyed.  When I saw pictures from a fellow homeschooler based in Nepal of how they are there now, and more pictures of the aftermath, I was humbled.  And CORRECTED.  I told myself that I didn’t have the right to complain about dirty floors, unkept rooms, dust all over, washing the dishes, and all four of us temporarily squatting and sleeping in the master’s bedroom.  I HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN AT ALL!  Instead, I ONLY have to be THANKFUL for our home which is standing up and not in rubbles.  We have an ample supply of food in the refrigerator and pantry cabinets.  Our faucets and showers are working.  We can afford to turn on the aircon.  There are workers willing to offer their service for us in order to change our flooring!

With this, I am also reminded by this article I came across very recently.  I should have known that this was already a lesson God was trying to tell me amidst my complaining and questioning on why I do not seem to be doing enough.  It is really time for me to change the question I keep on asking myself, from “Why can’t I seem to do enough?” or “Am I doing enough?” to “Am I doing what’s mine?”  or “What is it that I’m supposed to do at this very moment?”   I must admit, my brain works on a fast-forward mode.  I do have the tendency to think of EVERYTHING that’s going to take place in the future like during the week, in the next two weeks and even month, instead of focusing on the now.  That’s how I put order in my life.  That’s why I get overwhelmed and feel disappointed with Mike and the girls when they don’t seem to be working and even thinking in the same pace as I do.

It is a lesson that I am now trying my best to learn.  To BE IN THE MOMENT and BE THANKFUL, most especially when things are not running “on schedule” as I want them to be.

As I end this, I AM thankful for the time God gave me to put this piece of writing together.  It was a good and quiet time for me to slow down and assess my life right now.  Our house may be a mess but I wouldn’t trade it for the situation the Nepalese are in right now.  They are in my prayers and trust that God will also make this disaster an opportunity for them to receive and see unexpected blessings.

This is WHAT’S MINE NOW:  To appreciate and love Mike, Arielle, and Kayla and celebrate their uniqueness even though they may be the exact opposites of who I am, to keep things simple and uncomplicated during this temporary moment of our house being in a mess and our household being maid-less,  to make sure I stop and listen to the girls when they are trying to converse with me or show me something, to continue to support Mike in building a HOME, and to continue homeschooling and parenting Arielle and Kayla based on God’s standards and not the world’s.

To appreciate and enjoy a full life, one must really be able to BE IN THE MOMENT and BE THANKFUL!  How about you?  What’s YOURS right now?