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Next to socialization, I think this is the big question often asked by other people who meet homeschoolers and asked by homeschoolers themselves.  ARE HOMESCHOOLERS READY FOR THE WORLD?

On our 9th year of homeschooling and with our eldest daughter a high school graduate already, I’d like to say that although the road has not been easy and there were a lot of times I wanted to give up (This happens every year and solely because I did not know how to teach our girls certain topics and not because of the switch in lifestyle where we were going against what everyone else was doing), I would choose to homeschool all over again without even trying to experience how it is like in a traditional school.  Our experience as a family is so much richer and more meaningful in this lifestyle we have chosen.  It was and still is a personal choice because we believe and feel that it is what is best for us individually and collectively as a family.

To answer the question “Are homeschoolers ready for the world?”, I’d like to answer that from my personal experience.  And my answer is…YES, THEY ARE…and here are MY TOP 5 PERSONAL REASONS:

  1. Learning of the child is INDIVIDUALIZED AND PERSONAL.  Arielle is a primarily a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learner while Kayla is a number one kinesthetic, hands-on learner.  With that said, they learn according to their learning style and pace, and without being pressured to go with the pace of a whole class.  That already is one benefit we’ve enjoyed in homeschooling and I know we’ll never get from a traditional school.
  2. LESSONS and LEARNING are DEFINITELY NOT CONFINED AT HOME.  In homeschooling, we learn from many other avenues, where lessons are in their REAL and NATURAL SETTINGS or are often CONNECTED TO REAL LIFE, and more importantly, we APPLY what we’ve learned in real life.
  3. There is a strong emphasis on CHARACTER-BUILDING where one’s FAITH is a big part of it and practiced in real situations.
  4. We EXPOSE our girls in NATURAL SETTINGS making them COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT TO SOCIALIZE WITH DIFFERENT AGE GROUPS AND SOCIAL CLASSES, as compared to children in school where they just mingle and spend most of their time with their classmates their age and prefer to be friends with those more or less in the same social class as theirs.
  5.  We get to SPEND MORE TIME ON THEIR STRENGTHS, GIFTS, TALENTS, and even BREWING POTENTIALS, develop them even more, and help them out in carving their paths towards their college, career, or life goals.  Arielle was very determined to make it on stage and perform, and now, has animation very clear as her college course.  Kayla is now training hard in golf, after she realized that she wants to give golf another chance and prepare herself for college scholarship opportunities abroad.
  6. With the LOVE, SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT, BONDING FROM US PARENTS and BETWEEN SIBLINGS,  and quality and more time spent with the family, how can one not be ready for the world and face bigger challenges?


Did those make sense?  Did that make you more curious about this family lifestyle of ours? Would you like to listen to homeschool advocates talk more about homeschooling and meet other homeschoolers here in the Philippines?

I would like to invite you then to come to the Philippine Homeschool Conference 2015: Ready for the World on October 17, 8 am to 5 pm, at SMX Convention Center and Samsung Hall, SM-Aura.  Click here to know more about this big event and to register, click here.  Walk-ins are also welcome.

In addition, there will be a pre-event on October 16, Friday, the day before the conference proper, where the keynote speakers will give another set of talks different from what they will be doing at the conference.  This is free and available to early birds who register by October 1.  This pre-event gathering with the speakers will be at CCF Centre-Ortigas.

The next day, October 17, will be a whole day event for the conference attendees who will try to learn as much as they can from the conference talks and break-out sessions.  To keep the kids busy, while the parents are learning, the organizers (HAPI,  Manila Workshops, The Learning Basket, SM Aura, SMX Convention Centre-SM Aura) have prepared different craft activities for the kids like string art, mandala, basic calligraphy, cross stitch, and dream catcher making.  The fee for each workshop is P500 per person, with materials included.  For more information on these activities which will take place in another venue at SM Aura (Kids are not allowed at the plenary hall), please read here.  Registration for these kiddie craft workshops must be done online.  A big THANK YOU to DMC Philippines and Marj Liwag for making these fun activities possible.

This is the biggest homeschool conference in the Philippines, so far, and this would not have been possible without the following:

Major Sponsors:  Sunlife Financial, Grab Taxi

Minor Sponsors: Maynilad Water, DMC Philippines, Enderun Colleges, Focus Global, Lamoiyan Corporation

And also supported by:  Bee Happy Crafts, The Generics Pharmacy, Cetaphil Philippines

Booths by Pru Life UK, Adarna House, Engineering for Kids, Fatty Brain Toys, FrontLearners, Insular Life, Jetsams, Seton Home Study, Truly Rich Club, iAcademy, St. Mary’s Publishing, Merr-C Society of the Word  Foundation, Aslan EduForum Inc., Grolier, Magformers/FBC Global Training will also be present.

Do think about how your children are learning and how they are being prepared for life.

Mark the date.  OCTOBER 17, 8 am to 5 pm at SMX-SM Aura.  Learn more about homeschooling.  Learn more about being ready for the world.