About Me

Hi!  I’m Racquel Guevara.  That’s Racquel with a “cq” and Guevara with a single “r”.  Call it a pet peeve or OC-ness but it’s always something I have to spell out correctly when my name needs to be written down by someone.  Since I’m making an introduction here in writing, I might as well do the same.
A few random things about me:
  1. My friends and family think I am overly organized and into details (Well, I take that as a compliment).
  2. I like reading self-help and inspirational books and watching romantic, family-oriented, animated movies (this last one, especially with our girls).
  3. Going to the theatre to catch a musical is something I totally enjoy!
  4. I miss singing. (I used to be a member of our college glee club.)
  5. I go through days or moments when I just NEED to do something artsy, to make or create something with my hands.  Bake, try a new recipe, take photos, doodle, learn a new hobby or craft.  Be all right-brain and no left-brain!
  6. I’d soon like to make the kitchen my favorite room in the house by learning how to whip up more healthful dishes for me and my family and that includes desserts (a big challenge for me as I just love sweet treats)!
  7. If I had the money, I’d travel and explore the world, but with a reality-check, I’d be happy to go to the beach, snorkel, dive, or just simply read a book or take a nap under a coconut tree.



I’m a Filipina, married to Mike, and blessed with two girls nicknamed Arielle (Yes, Disney’s Little Mermaid) and Kayla (Kai-la, not Kei-la).  As of today (April 12, 2016):
  1. Arielle’s 17 years old, a high school graduate and on a gap year and will soon be off to college at SCAD-HK to take up Animation;
  2. Kayla’s turning 15, incoming 10th Grade;
  3. We are on our way to our 10th year in our chosen lifestyle of homeschooling.
This is my blog.  My personal space and little corner.
I created this blog last January 2011 as:
  1. my online journal, simply a virtual space where I could write about our life and experiences as homeschoolers and
  2. my thoughts as a stay-at-home mom and parent-teacher to our kids.
As years went by, I noticed that more and more families were considering homeschooling as an alternative option for their children’s education, more and more were asking about it, and more and more had the courage to make the shift.  The homeschooling community here in the Philippines has grown quite surprisingly and other moms or families we’ve met looked up to us as “veterans” and started asking us questions and for tips.  I personally felt uncomfortable with this because to me, every year of our homeschooling felt like the first year, making us “newbies” ourselves.  There was always something new to learn, something to undo and unlearn from my and Mike’s own experiences of having been brought up in the traditional school manner.  Eventually, this blog of mine became my way of giving encouragement, answering some queries, and sharing articles on homeschooling and education in general, to those who were looking for better ways of teaching and educating their children.
So, let me reintroduce myself.  I am Racquel, a stay-at-home homeschooling mom (working on my way to being a work-at-home mom) who essentially is:
  • all for out-of-the-box ways of learning, teaching, and doing and believes:
  1. that learning is and should not be confined in the classroom,
  2. that memorizing facts and taking tests are not the only way to measure one’s intelligence,
  3. in the power of creativity in whatever form or expression, and
  4. most importantly, believes in the value of FAMILY-  and CHARACTER-building in today’s society.
I hope that this space in the blogosphere will give you the chance to take a peek at:
  1. our chosen lifestyle as a homeschooling family
  2. our activities and pursuits as individuals,
  3. obsessions, favorites, or current interests that keep us going, and
  4. what’s important to us
to help and inspire you, perhaps to even amuse you.  I would be delighted to have the opportunity to connect and exchange notes with you (I’d also love to learn how others do it!) on the world of homeschooling, education, parenting, and life in the general.  If you wish, email me at quelguev{at}yahoo{dot}com or go to my Contact Me and leave a message there.
Welcome to my blog!