In homeschooling, our kids learn skills they need in life and in the workplace.  They’re more open to learning new things!

Culinary skill: cooking pork torta Now, Kayla dreams of becoming a chef someday!


Making Hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict


Entrepreneurship: selling candies


Mindmapping: To take down notes and remember better; This is Arielle’s mindmap on ants.


Kayla’s mindmap of her lesson on God’s knowledge





Homeschooling gave Arielle a chance to make her dream come true. After watching Peter Pan at CCP last 2007, she told herself, “I can see myself on stage doing the main character.”  And true enough, she played Jack in her first summer workshop with Rep, Jack and the Beanstalk.  

In 2008, she auditioned for the role of Grace Smythe in A Christmas Carol and got the role.  It was her first professional play!  It was THE REAL THING…working with professionals and it was an experience that taught her a lot about time management, responsibilities, diligence, patience, humility, self-control, forgiveness, gratitude, and a lot more!



Let me begin with this blog: Why we decided to homeschool.

Aside from dissatisfaction from the quality and standard we were getting from the traditional school where our two girls were enrolled in back then, Mike and I wanted our children not to be good in simply memorizing facts from their books, in taking tests and in just getting high scores or honors. We wanted them to love to learn and to know how to learn.

The reasons behind making the shift were, to me and Mike, simple (but radical, to the rest of the world):
(1) To have the love for learning

(2) To intentionally direct their paths towards their interests and to where they would be able to discover more their gifts and their passion
(3) To hopefully and ultimately, develop those gifts to the fullest

(4) With God’s grace, to support them in their dreams
(5) To mold them with godly and acceptable character traits

Don’t you think they make a lot of sense?  But it took a lot of prayers, reading of books, research on the internet, family meetings, weighing of options, before finally making the decision.

Now on our 4th year, I can’t say it was and is easy.  Every year, As often as we can, we make changes and improve the way we do things.  That’s probably one of the reasons why we’re still at it.  With homeschooling, we can propose and make changes anytime we feel the need for it. We don’t have to wait for the school’s adviser or principal to give their feedback or approval.  When we need to improve the way our child learns, we pray and do something about it right away.

Yes, we argue and we fight. We laugh and we cry. We talk and learn to listen. It is from these roller coaster rides that we’ve all become real people and learners.  We learn a lot about character and being a family.

So what did homeschooling do to us?   Homeschooling brought our   4-pack family TOGETHER, where one goes, usually everybody goes. It taught us a new lifestyle where we all learn from real life scenarios and from real people.   It made the world our classroom.