We have now come to the end of my blog series on the sharing and presentation I did at the last 2016 Philippine Homeschool Conference. I shared our homeschooling journey covering the topics on:


If you were with me from the beginning of this blog series, I started my slide presentation at the conference with a list of ironies or opposites in our parenting roles to our teenage daughters, and I ended my presentation, my sharing with an opposite imagery as well as seen below.


ROOTS to know that they are first and foremost created by God. ROOTS to know where they are anchored. That they are unique. That they were given gifts in order to fulfill their God-given purpose in life. Not their parents’, not their friends’, not the society’s. That they have a family who loves them that they can come back to.

WINGS to help them fulfill their purpose and become even more than what they can imagine. WINGS to bring them to places and people where they can share their God-given gifts, talents, and resources.

Teenage parenting is tough. Homeschooling high school is challenging. But with prayers, and only with prayers and faith and surrendering of our children to God, it can be done!

These are the girls we are slowly setting free. Arielle already took off.  She is now an international freshman student at SCAD HK campus. Hopefully, after 4 years and having graduated from college, she will come back home, to us, her roots, her family.  Then, it will be time to take off again to start or perhaps continue her career that she already started. I realized that after sending her off to college last September, this is it!  It is really LETTING GO. Because when she graduates from college, she will be on her own, hopefully doing what she loves to do and earning from it, and doing what God had designed her to be.

Kayla’s still firming up her roots in the ground and soon, it will be her turn to flap her wings. In 3 years, it’s Kayla’s turn to move up to college.

So, in 3 years, Mike and I will be empty-nesting. Time flies too fast! So make every day count.

Teenage parenting plus homeschooling is a different stage altogether. As you go through your days, you’ll realize and learn that there are things you just have to let go (the small stuff…Will this matter 5, 10 or 20 years from now?) and at the same time, things that you have to pay attention to and hold on to (Same question…Will this matter 5, 10 or 20 years from now?)


Speaking here in front of you doesn’t make me an expert. It makes me cringe every time other homeschoolers see me as an “expert”. I would like to assure you that I am still with you in your homeschooling journey. I-AM-WITH-YOU in your search for the best materials and planning the best homeschooling schedule. I-AM-WITH-YOU in your doubts, fears, feeling lost and tired, and even wanting to throw in the towel a couple of times (or many times!). But you know what, God is probably whispering in your ear and the one who doesn’t want to let go 🙂 Mike is working very hard for Arielle’s 4-year college education and it personally scares me every now and then (being a fulltime wife and homemaker). We have no idea yet as to what Kayla would like to take up in college. I wish I already knew! HOW I WISH (!) we already knew… But all these question marks, I believe, is God’s way of making us turn to Him. He is teaching us to put all our TRUST in Him. Day by day. Because where God guides, He provides. And it’s really true because with Arielle, He gave us the people and placed us in circumstances that led us to SCAD. Now, He gave us angels who can watch over Arielle in HK. Not just one, but five! (1) Our homeschool friend I mentioned earlier whose son also took a gap year at the same time w/ Arielle… (2)my high school kabarkada who is her “ninang” (godparent)… (3) my ex-officemate… (4) then, there’s another homeschool mom in our FB group who knows a couple whose daughter is already a sophomore at SCAD… (5) then a SCAD dad who volunteered to be on call ANYTIME! And I would say that even Kayla’s golf coach, God personally picked, because he happens to be the brother of my high school batchmate! My other “kabarkada” became Arielle’s scuba diving teacher, by the way. Plus all the teachers and inspirations we have met along the way who all helped us make our homeschooling individualized, personal, and so intentional.

So, this is the second message I’d like you to bring home from this sharing. The first one…is give them ROOTS AND WINGS. And this second one: WHERE GOD GUIDES, HE PROVIDES. You will be surprised with God’s leading and provision.

Last but not least, here’s a list of resources and my contact info that you may want to take note of or look into. These are the materials and activities we did in high school which helped them acquire the skills they have now and which helped me survive as their parent-teacher!

This ends my sharing! I hope you were able to pick up something from our life as high school homeschoolers and may you be blessed in your homeschooling journey as well!


Being a homeschooling family, our family is always together.  I describe ours as a pack of four.  I, however, have proven many times that there’s only one thing that can break our family apart, and that is, a bookstore!  When we’re out, imagine us walking together, side by side, or two by two; but once we step inside a bookstore, everyone instantly disappears and goes on his own, in different directions.

There’s an ongoing book sale now which, I think, will not break our family apart but would rather bring us together.  It’s Books For Less month-long warehouse sale this August and guess what? Books are at P10 each!  What  a bargain!

Books For Less Warehouse Sale (photo from Books For Less)


This morning, Arielle and I walked to the warehouse of Books for Less, which is just a stone’s throw away from where we stay.  There’s absolutely no reason not to go.  Mike and Kayla went home to Batangas yesterday but I’m sure Kayla will request that we go back to check out the books with her.

Arielle and I were at the warehouse before 10 a.m. and stayed for about an hour and a half.  We were armed with our shopping bags, an umbrella, a towel each, and P200-300 in our pockets.

All sorts of books on sale!

All sorts of books on sale!

Of course, I was looking for materials that I could use as reference for our homeschooling.  I found some hardbound books in math, science, english, reading, algebra, technology, chemistry, economics, writing and was quite hesitant to get them even if they were just P10 because they were old editions but after going through some of the pages, I found them to be a good resource and prompts for discussion and projects.  Arielle, on the other hand, was delighted when I showed her a Walt Disney book and when she herself found some old copies of National Geographic magazines, and Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park.

Arielle's best buy for today!

Arielle’s best buy for today!

A golf book for Mike and a British & Western Literature book

A golf book for Mike and
a British & Western Literature book

Creative Writing books

Creative Writing books

This is my favorite find for today :)

This is my favorite find for today 🙂

Questions which I wouldn't  have thought of

Questions which I wouldn’t
have thought of

It also has questions on critical thinking! Yey!

It also has questions on critical thinking! Yey!

Questions on Bloom's Taxonomy's level on  Remembering, Understanding, and Applying

Questions on Bloom’s Taxonomy’s level on
Remembering, Understanding, and Applying

Another example of questions on Understanding the topic/lesson

Another example of questions on Understanding
the topic/lesson


Arielle and I went home with 12 books, spending only P120 for all of them!

If you can make time for this book sale, then I strongly suggest that you go first thing in the morning when it’s not too hot yet in the warehouse and on a weekday where there are less people.  I’m glad that’s what we did today!  (And it so happened too that there was a major traffic along C5 that probably caused a little delay in the influx of people planning to go to the book sale.)

Check out Books For Less Warehouse Sale this August 1-31, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., except Sundays and holidays.  You may be able to find the kind of books you need.