Sew Easy’s “I Made It!” first Fashion Show 2014!

Last Saturday, March 22, 2014, Arielle and Kayla joined other kids of Sew Easy For Kids Manila in its very first fashion show entitled “I Made It!”.  It was the studio’s culminating event for the year where all the students, ages 8 to 15, proudly walked down the runway wearing their very own Lounge Wear and Casuals pieces which they sewed themselves!  The event was a collaboration of supportive moms, friends, and sponsors (Brother International Philippines, California Advanced Nails and Skin Care (CANS), McDonald’s, Claire’s, Mean Green, Alabang Town Center) who made it all possible!  Ooops!  Let me correct that.   It was really the Lord who made it possible because all the pieces to put up a show just seamlessly (ehem!) fell into place in such a short period of time. And it was also the love and passion of the kids and parents to bring back the craft and life skill of sewing which made the work behind the show easier.  

Before I share some of the FUN! photos of what happened before, during, and after the fashion show, you may read more about the event here and here.

And now for the photos..

The runway!

Thank you, McDonald's, for our lunch!

Thank you, McDonald’s,
for our lunch!

Havin' their nails done by CANS :)

Havin’ their nails done by CANS 🙂

Time to glam up the hair!

Time to glam up the hair!

Arielle wanted a braided hairstyle :)

Arielle wanted a braided hairstyle 🙂

Just one of the scenes backstage:
Everyone helping out each other
with their makeup 🙂


Kayla's Night Shirt

Kayla’s Night Shirt

Kayla's Square-Neck Blouse, Denim Skirt, and Shoulder-Tie Bag  (Yup! She did all those!)

Kayla’s Square-Neck Blouse,
Denim Skirt, and
Shoulder-Tie Bag
(Yup! She made all those!)

Kayla's Pants

Kayla’s Pants

Kayla's Flowy Skirt  and Backpack

Kayla’s Flowy Skirt
and Backpack


Arielle's Denim Shorts

Arielle’s Denim Shorts

Arielle's Capri Pants and Backpack

Arielle’s Capri Pants and

Arielle's V-Neck Blouse and Shoulder-Tie Bag

Arielle’s V-Neck Blouse and
Shoulder-Tie Bag

Arielle's Flowy Skirt

Arielle’s Flowy Skirt


The woman behind Sew Easy, Teacher Anne
del Rosario!

Everyone just clowning around after the show! :)

Everyone just clowning around after the show! 🙂


I am just so proud of these young girls and so thankful to Teacher Anne for making sewing SO FUN and SO  SEW EASY! 🙂

If you want to give sewing a try and discover for yourself a new craft or hobby (Believe me, it’s quite addicting!), then check out Sew Easy studio along Aguirre Avenue in BF Paranaque for their summer camp!  That will be a total of 15 hours of pure sewing fun! 🙂




Photo Source:  Sew Easy For Kids / Anne del Rosario

Photo Source: Sew Easy For Kids /
Anne del Rosario

These crafty kids are on a roll! They are even busier these days as they turn their craft and life skill into a business! As I write this blog, they’re all preparing and gearing up for their first bazaar this coming November.  Their hands are all so busy cutting and sewing the different cute stuff they will be selling…ALL SEWN BY THEM!  Teacher Anne del Rosario of Sew Easy For Kids and I (and I’m sure all the other parents are, too!) are sooo sew excited about this!  Thank you, Brother Philippines, for sponsoring this event!  Thank you for being at our side 🙂

I invite you all to go to the:


WHEN:  November 23-24, 2013

TIME:   9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.



This is REAL LEARNING.  A CRAFT INTO A BUSINESS.  ENTREPRENEURSHIP at WORK!  Save the dates and hope to see you there!


I recently shared with you what the girls are learning for their TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education).  They’re into sewing and are having such a wonderful time learning the craft!

Here’s what Kayla has sewn so far:

Life Skill: Sewing

A sewing bag, a notions bag,
a denim skirt, and
a square-necked blouse

Life Skill: Sewing

Buttons at the back of the skirt


Arielle has made these:

Life Skill: Sewing

Arielle’s sewing bag and
notions bag

Life Skill: Sewing

A pair of denim shorts

Life Skill: Sewing

A dinosaur print shoulder-tie bag
with a mushroom print fabric as lining


Okay, I can’t help it!  Here’s my PREEETTY shoulder-tie bag! I’m so proud of myself and I’m sooo sew happy with this!  Some stitches weren’t straight but hey, for a first-timer, don’t you think I did well in actually following the pattern and sewing the pieces together? 🙂

Life Skill: Sewing

I just looove my shoulder-tie bag!!!


Sewing has been such a worthwhile learning experience and we are all, especially the girls, are looking forward to sew more! 



Life Skill: Sewing

SEW EASY Sewing Class for Kids, Teens, and Adults
Photo Source:

A confession of a homeschool mother:  I don’t know how to sew.  I remember learning some basic stitches when I was in high school.  We had to do the different kinds of stitches on a cloth (Was it basketweave? Wait, or was that for cross-stitch?) and submit it as a final project.  I can mend a small hole on a shirt or sew buttons, snaps, or hook and eye’s, but that’s just how far I can go with a thread and a needle!  So, when I found out from a fellow homeschool mom about this sewing class being offered in the south, I took note of it so we could include it in our activities for this schoolyear. Whether I would have the sewing class credited for their TLE (Technology and Livelihood Education) or not, I really think that as girls, Arielle and Kayla should know at least the basics of sewing.  For me, sewing is one of the life skills to learn in my checklist, a survival skill. You not only learn how to sew because there are other “hidden” but valuable lessons from it as well! 

Arielle and Kayla started last July 6 with Sew Easy and even before that day came, they were already sew so excited about it!  They’ve always enjoyed doing things with their hands and they already had ideas and plans on what they want to make as they eagerly talked about it in the car. Well, that’s their side of excitement!  Mine was when I met the owner and teacher of Sew Easy, Anne del Rosario, on that first day I accompanied the girls to their class.  It turns out that Anne was a homeschooler herself way back in the late 90’s when just a handful (or practically no one else) was probably doing it here in the Philippines, or at least in Manila.  She homeschooled her son back then who’s now at Mint College. You can already imagine the kind of getting-to-know-you we had (It’s always a different kind of warm, hyper feeling when homeschoolers meet, moms and kids alike 🙂 )  

Having a FUN (as described by the girls), friendly, accomodating, and a former homeschool mom (YES!) as a teacher, a classroom studio with bright, clean, and minimalist-inspired interiors, and  just four students in a class for a closely supervised instruction really make sewing SOOO SEW EASY! 😉  Their one-hour session every Saturday is just not enough, the girls say! 

Here are some shots I took of the girls in preparation for their class and while at work: 

Life Skill: Ironing

Kayla learning how to iron
her fabric at home

Life Skill: Ironing

Arielle’s turn to iron hers


Life Skill: Sewing

Ready to learn how to sew! 

Life Skill: Sewing

Photo Source: Anne del Rosario of Sew Easy

Life Skill: Sewing

Photo Source: Anne del Rosario of Sew Easy

Life Skill: Sewing

Photo Source: Anne del Rosario of Sew Easy

Life Skill: Sewing

Photo Source: Anne del Rosario of Sew Easy


 And their first project…

Life Skill: Sewing

First Sewing Creation:
Sewing Bag & Notions Bag

Life Skill: Sewing

Stamp of Workmanship!


Guess what?  After seeing their first completed project, I decided to join them myself!  I have to admit, I did feel envious that our girls know how to sew and actually made something themselves (The iron-on label got me! :D)  We three are now all classmates in sewing.  

LIfe Skill: Sewing

My first sewing project!

Life Skill:  Sewing

Inspiring quote
on my worktable

Life Skill: Sewing

My Stamp of Completion!


It’s my third time actually to be their classmate. The first was with Arielle in a blogging workshop, which was a worthwhile learning and awakening-of-some-sort experience for me (Two thumbs up!!!)  The second was in a craft rubber stamp making workshop, which was also so much fun to do! For this sewing class, Anne politely had to check with me (and the girls) if being together in a class would be alright since some kids tend to act differently when their mom is around.  Just to make sure, I asked Arielle and Kayla if it would be okay for me to join and be with them and Arielle nonchalantly replied, “We’re always like that anyway! 😀  (There goes my expressive, outgoing, and uninhibited teen! The exact words of description used by Anne herself 🙂 )

In our homeschooling, I don’t just teach, teach, teach. I learn and get refreshed as I teach lessons and topics. I have opportunities to again become a student myself, enjoy, and be an example of lifelong learning to our kids.   Oooops, and not to forget! To have a fun time with my tweenie-teens classmates 😉