Why We Decided To Homeschool

Before we took that big leap to go against society’s norm, I remember reading an article on the local newspaper about homeschooling.  Arielle, I think, was probably about 2 (or less than) years old.  I already knew about the concept, the new alternative, but it was only when she was 8 and Kayla just turned 6, when we decided to take the “road less traveled.”  Frustrations with their school administration, policies, teaching methods, and teachers were the main “academic or system-related” reasons why we ALL FOUR decided to homeschool (For the real HEART of our homeschooling, read my post “Looking Into Our Hearts”).  Yes, very young then, we involved Arielle and Kayla in this decision-making which Mike and I felt was a MAJOR one for us to make.  It took months and months of discussion (actually, one whole schoolyear) as a FAMILY and lots of lots of prayers for wisdom and enlightenment.  You can also say that living in Batangas City (my hometown), considered a province here in the Philippines, also somewhat confined our ways to the traditional and conservative, which I realized was not what my husband and I would always be inclined of doing.  You can say that Mike and I believe that if there’s a better way of doing things, then let’s do it!
So, that basically is our story why we decided to homeschool and it continued to attract us to it because:
  1. It has been proven to work and give us better and more satisfying results.
  2. It is a personalized and not an all-for-one education. (After all, each child is unique and with different capabilities.)
  3. It offers a lot of flexibility and thus, opportunities for our children to pursue their interests, passions, develop their God-given gifts and strengths, and likewise, improve their areas of weaknesses at their own pace, not only in academics but in character as well.
  4. It gives us more time to spend together as a family, know more about each other, and go on vacations when we want to!
I had not imagined myself to be homeschooling until high school, but here we are still doing it.  Reading and hearing news and all sorts of stories (disappointing, unbelievable, and even horrific) on what’s been happening in traditional schools these days just affirm the decision we’ve made and make me thankful for making the shift.  It has not always been a smooth ride. (Believe me! There have been days of me wanting to give up and quit!), but I am glad with OUR personal choice.